Are you going to pig out today?

18 million of the one billion hungry people globally are in Pakistan. Act now to combat food insecurity.

Zahra Ali October 16, 2010
One billion people are hungry and I am so angry!

Next time you are having your favorite meal at a restaurant, remember that 1 billion people around the world are facing chronic hunger. When we eat more than we need, we are making someone, somewhere starve.

The plate is half empty

It is extremely heart rending to know that more than 18 million out of 1 billion figure belong to our own country. Half of our country’s population is facing food insecurity. Can we even imagine how that feels?

I felt sorry for such people before, but the recent flood has bought who live below the poverty line closer to us. It makes my heart ache to learn what life is like for people who do not know when they will get their next meal.

The eating day

Sadly, a large percentage of people suffering from poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition are living near us in the cities. There are families in Karachi who have days fixed for their meals. Each day one member eats and all the others wait for their turn.

We all know it is the responsibility of the government to end hunger, but I think that we, as a nation are more powerful. It’s time we take charge and be the change that our country needs.

FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations) is observing World Food Day . The purpose of which is to shake up politicians around the globe to end the food crisis. But we are not going to wait for the government to take action.

What can we do

Lets sign the petition and make a resolution today that we will act to end hunger. How do we do that?

Here are some ideas.

  • Adopt an area and encourage community farming by provide the residents with gardening tools, seeds and basic knowledge.

  • Plant a fruit tree for the poor

  • Present some vegetable plants to such families

  • If you have your own restaurant, why not have a share for the poor?

  • There are some NGOs working to provide free meals to the poor. Help them.

  • If you are growing crops on a large scale, share your crops with needy families.

Do whatever you can in your own capacity. But act to end food crisis.
Zahra Ali A freelance writer, gardening teacher and environmentalist. She has been spreading the message of natural living through her blog 'Crops in Pots' since 2008
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Moosa Lakhani | 13 years ago | Reply I agree to the point that there is no system of distribution. I would like to add that there is no system at all through out the country, whether this is the problem of distribution or something like lack odf education which is such an important issue. There is a lack of leadership and a team which could follow the leader !!
Isfand | 13 years ago | Reply "but its time for everyone to stand up so that we can bring a positive change which the world can see with the naked eye !!" @Moosa Lakhani Well said! An easy and effective way finish this crime agaisnt humanity is simply to create a partnership between private and non profit organizations.Already now we produce food for 13 billion people,but the true reason of this crisis there is an extremely inefficent system of redistribuition.Worldide more food than needed is produced,Mainly to maintain the price high the food is simply destroyed,dumped by food producers(American and European farmers regurarly destroy the surplus of the crop another eaxample can be the danish dairy companies which just dump the surplus of their dairy products to the sea in order to keep the market price profitable Well lets make a network and an agrement with the private companies and the non profit organizations,which let them be profitable but also create an efficent network of food distribuition.Its more easier than it could seem,the only thing neeeded is the political will. .
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