Suffering from lethargy? Here are 5 tips to get your lazy bum outta bed

We live in an age where we need to run with the clock but an unhealthy lifestyle and laziness can slow us down.

Dr Aqsa Riaz February 18, 2014
When a reporter asked Pope John Paul XXIII how many people worked at the Vatican, he replied,
“No more than half of them.”

When I look around, I agree with his statement. In fact, he could have said one fourth of them or may be even one tenth of them because many people go to work but only a few actually do the work.

We live in an age where we need to run with the clock – mere crawling or walking is not sufficient. However, practically speaking, a feeling of drowsiness and inertia during working hours while feeling fresh and energetic during sleeping hours is a headache for many.

Fortunately, there are ways to tackle this enigma.

1.  Early to bed, early to rise

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Medical research has proved that the ideal time to sleep is while it is dark outside as it collaborates with the innate mechanism of the body. Sleeping during the day deteriorates memory, results in weight gain, decreases working capacity, leads to depression and boosts the aging process. A healthy and active body requires sleep for anything between seven to nine hours.

And if you sleep early, you wake up fresh.

2.  Water works

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Dehydration alters the thinking capacity of the human mind and adequate hydration is indispensable for proper brain activity. It is usually said that drinking one to two litres of water every day is vital but the fact is that each kilogram of your body needs 0.03 litres of water. Simply multiply 0.03 with your body weight in kilograms and find out how much you have to drink every day.

This can be increased in summers since the water loss is higher.

3.  Eat your heart out? No!

Choose fruits and vegetables over fast food and fried dishes. This can prevent various diseases – laziness being at the top of the list. Learn to listen to the demands of your body and ignore the cravings of your heart. Overeating never helped anyone and can lead to serious ailments.

4.  Jog your mind and body!

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A brisk walk or jogging for at least 30 minutes a day is perfect, especially if you can’t go to the gym or do not have more time. In any case, a walk in the fresh air is always better than indoor treadmills or gyms since it refreshes the mind and body. Cast aside your personal and professional worries and go out for a walk. It will definitely improve the quality and quantity of your work.

5.  Don't... light up your life unnecessarily? 

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According to a study, the human body is attuned to its environment. This is why children sleep at night and wake up in the morning. But as our exposure to artificial lights from laptops and televisions increases, the body gets used to the artificial lights and we tend to sleep during the day while staying up at night. So, put your mobile aside and indulge in a healthy hobby like reading, which will relax your mind rather than stimulate it further.

Live healthy, live active and don’t waste yourself.

Cheers for a healthy life!
Dr Aqsa Riaz
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