Five great reasons why I will vote for Bilawal Bhutto

I will vote for Bilawal, and maybe you should too - he's more human than our out-of-touch politicians.

Nadya V January 20, 2014
Is Bilawal Bhutto Zardari running for the National Assembly? Is he not running for the National Assembly? Do we have to wait till 2018, or a few months? The media really needs to make up its mind…like me!

I am all set to vote for the boy in red, black and green – and here are five excellent reasons why.

1. Line up all our current Members of the National Assembly (MNAs) and then take a good look. No seriously, do it right now. I’ve got a handy dandy random selection for you to peruse below!

I shouldn’t have to argue my point too far – Bilawal Bhutto is at least five times hotter than our average law maker and ten times more approachable.

Sure, all the haters can argue this point, but it’s still a fact. Are good looks and some level of relatability frivolous reasons to vote for someone?

If they are, then damn, half my khaandan and friends voted for Imran Khan frivolously.

2. Bilawal is educated.

Like, seriously educated – he went to Karachi Grammar School/Froebel’s and Oxford University. Yeah I don’t care how hard he partied in this time, I’m pretty sure some of that education seeped into him (also, partying is normal, just look at Imran, he turned out...okay?).

Yeah I also don’t care about your “once a feudal, always a feudal” argument against him. I think it’s a pretty safe assumption that he’s heard this criticism, oh, a few thousand times in his life, and has assessed what he needs to do here.

I think Bilawal is educated, and thinks more like me than most of our illustrious MNAs. In fact, if he only thinks like me 10% of the time, he will still share more similar views with me than the average MNA.

3. He is super amusing, and more importantly, pretty real on Twitter. His haters will, well, obviously hate on his flamboyant, sometimes naïve (sometimes insightful), sometimes out there... and okay fine, sometimes this:

But I doubt the haters would deny that Bilawal’s updates are human, something most of our politicians lack.

4. Bilawal has two sisters, no brothers – that is, in my opinion, the ideal combination for a Pakistani male’s upbringing.

I am banking on the fact that he will be just a tad bit more sensitive to issues that women face thanks to his sisters (not to mention his mom), and both Bakhtawar and Aseefa will keep him in line, perhaps ground him when the filth that is politics starts to corrupt him. For those who don’t know, Bilawal’s sisters are pretty damn cool!

Yeah. I’m convinced.

Call me a burger bachi with a corrupt western mindset or whatever - this is something I can get behind.

5. Bilawal is a multi-millionaire (billionaire?).

He has it all.

He could very well opt to stay out of politics and the mess that is Pakistan, but hey, he is stepping up and putting himself out there to face threats and the kind of vile criticism and hate the poor ET comment mods will probably have to delete all day from this post.

Call it the Bhutto way. Call it enormous pressure on a boy unable to say no. Call it what you will, what I see is a guy who is knowingly ready to sacrifice himself for this mad country we call home.

So if I get the chance, I will vote for Bilawal, and maybe you should too.

Or you could do the Pakistani thing and start bashing the guy (and me too, why not) cause hey, that’s what we do best.
Nadya V Social critic and part-time gossip monger
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