Musharraf, the next Rana Sanaullah?

Hardly a week into legitimate politics and champion of 'good clean politics' Pervez Musharraf seems to be throwing tantrums rather than projecting a manifesto.

Sadaf Khan October 05, 2010
As a critic of Pakistan's political system, I am constantly blighted by the fact that I did not vote. Even though this fact lies heavy on my conscience, I also know that I will not vote in the next elections either, simply because I cannot willfully bring any of the existing parties into power.

The PPP, the various Muslim Leagues, the dreaded MQM, the right wing parties who form coalition governments no matter who wins - every single candidate remains unacceptable.

Maybe it was the desire to have someone to vote for, maybe it was nostalgia, but the truth is, I actually waited for October 1 and the launch of the Generals' party with a hope that he would offer something that clicked.

Was I in for a disappointment.

Hardly a week into legitimate politics and Pervez Musharraf seems to be on his way to becoming the next Rana Sanaullah.  From 'Shakal achi nahi hai, to bat achi kar lain' to 'Aqal say farigh-ul-bal' the cringe worthy quips haven't stopped.

The arrogance was perhaps understandable, if not justified, when he was the Army Chief and President, but now, as a former dictator, living in self imposed exile, facing charges ranging from high treason to the selling of dozens of Pakistanis, Pervez Musharraf's tone is neither authoritative nor gallant.

For the lack of a better word, his speech this time can only be termed as pure dhitaai on his part.

Some say that the sheer refusal to step down from the high throne is his signature and as a former Army Chief he is now destined to act as a general no matter what. But then, isn’t the Army as much about strategies as it is about authority and power? Shouldn’t General Musharraf’s training also show it self in the form of practical strategies when it comes to problem solving? Shouldn’t he atleast appear ready to face the challenges that the current situation throws?

Sadly, apart from the very fauji tone, Musharraf’s politics so far, seems devoid of any plan or direction.

Oh yeah, he has told us that Nawaz Sharif failed after two attempts as Prime Minister and the current government has made life harder for the masses. He has also said that Nawaz Sharif does not have the wisdom to run a country and all Benazir wanted was to get the Swiss cases dissolved.

Thanks for the classified information Mr. Musharraf, but is this it?

Like really?

After 9 years of dictatorial rule, you actually think that you call out anybody for governmental failure, without looking like a fool?

For someone who claims to offer a 'change' starting out only with blames seems a tad idiotic.

Where is the manifesto?

Where is the strategy for bringing about the proposed change?

After holding a diplomatic position for 9 years (however undemocratically) one would expect the General to observe tact if not diplomacy. However, a barked apology for all the mistakes made in later years of his rule shatter all hope for a leader who is ready to take responsibility and face consequences.

Even though I’ve always believed that both Bugti and Lal Masjid students posed a threat to national security, even I want him to explain why the situation was allowed to worsen so much that such extreme options were taken. I want him to face the court on the NRO and explain what prompted him to pass a law that offered a clean slate to the most corrupt politicians.

But from his tone so far, it seems that he considers his couple of years of non activity to have wiped his slate clean.

Unfortunately for him, those who are opposed to him remember all too well, and those who are willing to give him a chance, would not root for him if his idea of politics is to throw tanturms instead of devising a manifesto that could actually help this nation out.
Sadaf Khan A broadcast journalist based in Islamabad who was formerly associated with Geo News and Dunya News. She blogs at
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MAD | 12 years ago | Reply Imran Khan. you could vote for him.
Kalim | 13 years ago | Reply @asad baig: Come on Baig Sahib.. What is so special about Ex Army Chiefs of Pakistan. we had the likes of Yahya Khan (, whom this army elevated to the status of COAS. So what's so special about General Musharraf Please read the post again. She has raised very valid points
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