Letter from a 10-year-old girl to 'Admin Saab in Kay Pee Kay'

"The floods take Naila's tele-vison away, but she say shadow play is better. I trust her because she is inteligent."

Mowahid Kiani January 11, 2014
The following is a fictitious letter from a ten-year-old girl to the admin of the shelter house for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs):

 Note from the Editor: This letter has not been edited so as to maintain the essence with which it was written. 
Mowahid Kiani A student of International Development at the University of Manchester, he is in search of beauty and the occasional truth. He tweets as @KMowahid (https://twitter.com/KMowahid)
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Heer | 10 years ago | Reply This is amazing
Nousheen Rasheed | 10 years ago | Reply Whoa that was an impressive piece of writing! The language undoubtedly delivers the essence in which it has been written. Applaud to the writer and I wish you would bring in more issues from even the underprivileged areas since not many girls there get a voice of their own to share with the world because most can't even write with those many spell mistakes!! A great take!! Keep up the work!
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