In loving memory of a friend lost

Tears rolling down my eyes, there’s nothing left to smile about; the heartache and sorrow may never run out.

Isma Karim November 30, 2013
I am sitting here thinking of what I want to say,

But it just won’t come out so I found another way.


Though I am writing out my thoughts, but you’ll never really know,

Everything you meant to me, that I couldn’t really show.


In all the ways you have changed my life, I can’t ever tell,

Upon me, it looked like, you had cast a magic spell.


The way you calmed my angry moods,

You showed me love when I was blue.


For all those gruesome times in which you assisted me,

For all the confidence and optimism you poured in me.


I can never express enough gratitude,

For helping me reach sky-high altitudes.


The moments that I spent with you can no longer come back,

All those golden memories are just a painful pack.


You being far apart, I don’t know what to do.

Who to be friends with now? No one can replace you.


Tears rolling down my eyes, there’s nothing left to smile about,

With the heartache that I feel, the sorrow may never ever run out.


If only we had made up after that little fight,

I simply hate the flashes of that horrible night.


If only you could’ve known how important you are to me,

loved our very special bond; together we were meant to be.


I miss you badly now, when you’re off to the eternal world,

Who shall I say sorry to? Just thinking makes my tummy curl.


Facing everyone without you, gives me a little scare,

You’ve left me in a state of panic; always in despair.


I am sitting here thinking of what I want to say,

To make it very simple, I don’t want you to slip away.


From the deepest corner of my heart, I request from you just one last thing,

Ah, come back, I miss you…

Come back, I miss you…


Written in the loving memory of a friend, who is there no more. 

May you live in peace, in your eternal paradise.
Isma Karim
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Sane | 6 years ago | Reply | Recommend This is a great piece. Very touching. You have a knack of writing. Write again and keep writing.
Isma Karim | 6 years ago That's too great an appreciation for me! Thank you :)
Satesh Kumar | 6 years ago | Reply | Recommend This is awesome.. Literally u have lost a best friend just like me....
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