Ladies and gentlemen, we suck!

We suck. It’s not a Zionist agenda that makes us spit pan on hospital walls, we just have no sense of shame anymore.

Dr Ali Rafiq June 25, 2013
There was a time when Muslims were the most peaceful group of people in the world. They ruled half the Earth, and established a perfect model of governance. Muslim scientists were the pioneers of modern-day science. The great Mughal Empire built the most beautiful examples of architecture ever witnessed by mankind.

Muslims were brave and pious, righteous and honourable, enlightened and well-visioned. However, slowly and gradually, the Zionist forces and deputies of Satan with magical powers started to plot against the mighty Muslims. They stole our scientific knowledge, captured our lands through manipulation, and secretly lead us towards dismay.

Modern-day Muslims are a sad group of people, divided amongst themselves, and declining by each passing day. Even today, it is the Zionists who plot and plan against the welfare of the Muslims.

Let us look at the holy state of Pakistan. After suffering the atrocities of non-Muslims for 90 long years, the noble Muslims of Hindustan finally gained independence under the able leadership of the Muslim League (the one with no initial attached to it). All members of the Muslim League were pious Muslims, and after the sacrifices that went into making this country, there was no doubt that it would go on to become one of the super powers of the world in the near future.

But alas, the Zionists intervened yet again, causing instability within the region and causing the people of varying ethnicities to hate each other to the point where they can take each other’s lives, causing corrupt governments to come into power, causing the country to become an embarrassment on the face of the pious Muslims world.

Sorry, guys. I am really sorry, but I can’t go any further. I can’t go any further without saying that, in reality, we suck.

Yes, we suck. We suck as a nation, we suck at doing justice to our beliefs and we suck as human beings. We’re not good people. We hate each other. We’re numb to the things that go on around us as long as we are not affected by them. We shower murderers with rose petals; we lead protests for Muslims killed thousands of miles away and ignore the ones killed on our very streets.

We don’t respect our heroes. We condemn our corrupt leaders but subconsciously we know that if we were in their place we would do the same. Even if we don’t know, I am telling you that we would. Our leaders represent us; we are the reason they have enjoyed the fruits of power time and again.

We suck. The world has gone far beyond our reach. Face it. Accept it. Yes, we have Abdul Sattar Edhi but we also have several people who would shoot people like him if they have unfavourable names. Yes, we have Professor Adeeb Rizvi, but we also have hate preachers in countless places all across the country, brainwashing our children and feeding the pest of hate to their hearts.

We suck. Way too many people are dying every day. Yes, the population of Karachi is estimated at 20 million, so 377 deaths in 42 deaths is not that big a proportion. But these 377 lives were not lost in accidents; they were taken intentionally. We are quiet; we are numb, because we genuinely suck.

This is not an article to paint a negative picture of Pakistan. There are enough people doing that on a daily basis. And I honestly don’t care about some elements in our neighbour who naturally harbours hate for us. I don’t care if he is jumping in his chair in jubilation agreeing to every word being said here. I don’t care.

So what’s the point then? Open your eyes. We suck. Realise it. It’s not a Zionist agenda that makes us spit pan on hospital walls. It’s not some secret sorcery on some forsaken mountain that makes us lack morals. A country made to secure the rights of minorities has started genocide of its minorities and we are quiet. Why? Because we suck.

Open your eyes. Finish the hate. Stop pointing fingers. Look in the mirror. Go back to the basics. Let’s start saying “please” and “thank you” more often. Let’s treat our streets like our own homes. Let’s understand the fact that we are no one to judge others based on the language they speak, the religion they belong to, the area they live in, or the kind of clothes they wear.

We’re going back whilst the world is moving forward. It’s about time we opened our eyes now. Let’s finish the hatred in our hearts. Let us learn to care.

We suck. Let’s accept it so that we can stop doing so.

Khuda Hafiz, or Allah Hafiz. Whatever makes you happy. No issue, really.

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Dr Ali Rafiq Doctor, debater, freelance writer and blogger. Graduate of Dow Medical College and winner of various national and international debating and writing competitions. He tweets @dralirafiq
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