And in this act of balance, we learn to live

We stumble and we fall, we struggle and we juggle, we cry and we yell, but in the end, the choice is ours to make!

Tazeen Rizvi July 14, 2013
These are called windmills. Windmills of my mind going round and round.... all the time.

Did I just rhyme? I think I did. I don't know why but whenever I sit to pen down my thoughts in prose, lines start rhyming. Maybe, I am a poet then and not a prose writer. So for next time, but not this time, I'll try a hand on poetry and see how much I struggle with the balancing act. Balancing the verses I mean. Well, it shouldn't come hard as after all what have I done all my life?... juggled with balancing.

As a beginner in trying to get a hand at that, I learned to balance my body on a bike, on two wheels, at the age of six or seven and from there graduated onto a motor bike. Balancing on four wheels never wore me down. Mission ---- accomplished! Then, I learned to balance the notes by playing the right keys of the piano in a tune... Making sure no note goes discordant and the tutor not displeased.

Also drawing from this a lesson that real life will not come fine tuned on its own... and that simply. But then it never came that complicated either. Just a few keys here and there, a bit of a technique to deal with and life became an oyster!!

So does it mean that the balance in the lines of a verse can be compared to the balancing act that we put up on a daily basis in our everyday life in the multiple roles that we play?

The balancing of our roles in relation to the people around us?

Not that easy; we stumble and we fall, we struggle and we juggle, we cry and we yell, we runaway sometimes but we come back, we love and sometimes hate ourselves for who we are and why we are like this, but we don't give up, we answer our own questions and hate to play the roles for how the world wants us to be but we remain loyal to ourselves and never give up.

We juggle and we struggle and we juggle and we struggle till everything falls in place. And we begin to feel the harmony as we learn to play it with intelligence and intellect. We play it by the ear at times and take things as they come while occasionally taking some days by a plan. We play it with compassion with our dearest ones and show empathy to others, we never let go of motivation, and promise ourselves to never leave our convictions.

We compromise for the ones who we love and keep the heart enlarged when it comes to forgiving. And in this act of balancing we learn to look the other way when needed and sometimes when letting go. We learn to lower expectations for the ones who we love to death while raise the bars for those who need to be walked up to perfection.

We learn to pretend to be a fool for the ones who we can't afford to lose and try to beat those who we want to outsmart. We live to breathe ourselves short and till it all runs us out to a point of no return. The point which leaves us with nothing but a longing for those who we loved all our lives and cared for in endless ways.

The choices will remain ours. What we want and what we don't want. But whatever we take as our haves and have-nots, it remains, in the end, only up to us what we want for ourselves, out of our lives and what in the words of the world are called...... successes and failures.

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