Random Access Memories: Daft Punk's new album hit a home run for me

Random Access Memories is the best album released in a decade - well worth the wait and a must-listen!

Taha Ali May 30, 2013
Random Access Memories (RAM) is the fourth studio album released by the French duo, Guy-Manuel and Thomas Bangalter - better known to the world as Daft Punk. After a sabbatical of eight years since their last studio release, the iconic team of electronic musicians finally dropped their much anticipated latest album.

I decided to give it a listen, in lieu of all the hype and let's just say that it exceeded my expectations.

Known for worldwide hits such as “Around The World” and “Harder Better Faster Stronger”, I had hoped that they would stay true to their roots and would not resort to change to keep up with the ever evolving electronic music scene. RAM reminds many why Daft Punk was one of the pioneers of bringing electronic dance music to the mainstream front.

What really caught my attention was their decision to collaborate with artists of different genres, ranging from RnB (Rhythm and Blues) artist such as Pharrell Williams to Julian Casablancas of The Strokes - who happens to be a personal favourite of mine.

As an old listener of their music, hearing the classic synchronisation of their tech beats with disco and soft rock, reminded me of why I had become a fan. Songs like ‘Give Love Back to Music" is vintage Daft Punk -  mellow, rhythmic and flexible to any setting. What makes it stand out for me even more is their ability to integrate the different array of vocalists into their music.

The range that this album has is one of the many special qualities that makes it stand. I can imagine listening to tracks such as ‘Bring Love Back to Music’, when relaxing from a stressful day at work or when I am getting ready to party - this song hits the mark no matter what mood you are in.

Then there is ‘Get Lucky', which has enjoyed immense commercial success and has broken records on online music services such as Spotify. This is another record that is a highlight of the album for me. In my opinion, the smooth sound of Pharrell Williams, which is featured in the song, attracts the RnB crowd as well as the electronic fans.

Even though much from their old style is reminiscent, there are many new turns that this album takes from their old stuff, which was the real cause of the success of the album for me.

The consistent flow of progressive rock and jazzy sounds taking precedence over the previous heavy house and electronic beats was a change that left me pleasantly satisfied. This is a much appreciated break from the current norm of in your face, blast your ear drums path that current DJ’s have taken with tech music.

This album is as aesthetic to the old fans as it will be to the new listeners, who would definitely become fans.

RAM reminds many why Daft Punk was one of the pioneers of bringing electronic dance music to the mainstream front. This is not just one the best techno albums released so far for me, but one of the best albums of the decade -- well worth the wait and a must listen for everyone!

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