Will Imran Khan end corruption in K-P in 90 days?

Dear leader, we are tired of picking up the corpses of our loved ones in this war zone. Don't disappoint us.

Asghar Ali Khan May 28, 2013
With the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government formed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P), a lot is expected from the political party. Successfully governing such a challenging region would be nothing less than a miracle!

Directly or indirectly, the political administration of K-P also involves the critical management of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) affairs.

The PTI’s electoral victory in the region shows the unparalleled confidence the people of the province have in them, but by spreading hype of fulfilling high expectations, the party is in for an uphill task.

The PTI team needs to first understand and rationalise the existing problems and then formulate and implement feasible solutions for the K-P/FATA region.

Challenge 1: Terrorism and security crises

The foremost and highest challenge for the new K-P government is to come up with an effective strategy to eradicate terrorism and then provide security to the affected communities of K-P and FATA.

The people of K-P/FATA have been facing terrorism for the last 10 years. They are sick and tired of picking up dead bodies of their kith and kin on a daily basis. Their infrastructure has been damaged terribly. Their residential areas (which were rich in natural resources) have been stripped off their natural beauty and functionality. Law and order has become a thing of the past, the once-healthy environment has been lost in smoke, social zones have become war zones and free areas have turned into no-go areas.

As such, all possible efforts should be made by the PTI to restore peace and stability to the streets, bazaars and homes of K-P/FATA.

Challenge 2: Bad governance and corruption

K-P was rated as the most corrupt province under the last rule of Awami National Party (ANP), who claimed to be the most loyal of the Pakhtun soil. Openly and candidly, these sons of the soil made 'corruption' their trade mark. They were even awarded notorious tags for their corrupt stature.

With the poverty escalating and the institutions in K-P on the verge of collapsing due to corruption, much is anticipated from PTI – a party that claimed to end national corruption within 90 days. Will they end corruption in K-P in 90 days?


Challenge 3: Economic growth and job creation

The final critical challenge for the PTI is to launch a revolutionary economic growth programme in the war-stricken province. This should be of high priority and the gifted natural resources of K-P must be tapped to create economic stability, and eventually economic growth.

The new government should take initiatives for natural resource development, energy projects and make room for employment. Improving the condition of industrial and trade zones across various parts of the province should be paid attention to as well.

Keep your promise

Imran Khan and PTI, you promised durable and indigenous solutions for the communities of K-P and FATA - now is your chance to prove your mettle.

The people of K-P have risen to your call.
Hum bhi dekhein gay!

(We, too, will witness!)

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Asghar Ali Khan A senior journalist, analyst and a writer. He is working for different national and International print and electronic media organisations. His creative endeavors spread across both the literary and journalistic spheres.He tweets @AsgharAKhan
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Hassan | 10 years ago | Reply If PTI get hold of the corruption in the specified period and fulfilled all the promises which they did in the last year, they will surely be the only party to deserve the right of the formation of the next government in the greater interest of the nation. Otherwise, if they failed in doing so, PTI should not expect such support and enthusiasm from youth and the whole nation for the next time.
Abid P. Khan | 10 years ago | Reply "@Kawesh: Please change the title “Will Imran Khan end corruption in K-P in 90 days?” It is not Imran Khan, its PTI now, which will end corruption……………..Insha Allah" . In the purported (indeed very unique in history) Internal elections, El Capitano's post was not made even available for any elections. Are you seriously saying that the one-man-party, till just a fortnight ago, would dare deviate in any manner from the dictates of its supremo?
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