This mother's day, I forgot my mother's birthday

If my kids cough too hard I know I can call my mom at 3 am and she will tell me 10 things I can do to soothe my child.

T Hassan May 12, 2013
My mother, who remembers all of her five children’s birthdays, who remembers her children’s childrens’ birthdays, if she was ever to forget, I don't think any of us would let her forget for a long time.

If my kids cough too hard I know I can call my mom at three o'clock in her morning and she will tell me 10 things I can do to soothe my child. She will call back, again and again to check up on us, forgetting about her own sleep, and telling me to get some rest even though it will be afternoon at my end.

If I have to vent about how someone wronged me, I know I can call my mother and she will tell me exactly what I need to hear. She will make me see the other person’s perspective; I learnt how to put myself in another person’s shoes from my mom.

She taught us never to judge people or to look down on anyone. She always said you have to understand that there must have been a reason for that person’s actions. You have to understand the circumstances. You have to take responsibility for your own actions and your reaction to that person’s act.

After such talks, I hang up the phone feeling sheepish and light hearted… and a little bit sympathetic for the person I was ready to choke just an hour ago. That is the magic that my mom’s words have.

For the birth of my children, my mom travelled all the way from Pakistan both times, to be by my side. I didn’t want to stay awake all night, I didn’t want to clean poopy diapers or soothe a crying baby. But I did it because I had to. But my mother, who has already dealt with more than her share of poopy diapers and sleepless nights, did everything with me and more.

From staying at the hospital every night to taking over my house hold. She did it all.

I could go on for days recounting the amazing things my mother has done for me in the last 30 years. Yet I would still not remember half of her precious acts of love, kindness and sacrifice

Becoming a mother has taught me this; there is no love, like the love a mother has for her child. Her love sees no reason or limits. She sees her child as the most beautiful creature that ever walked the earth. She worships her child yet protects him and nurtures him. I have only just begun to understand my mother’s love for me as my own children grow. I cannot thank her enough, for her unconditional love, her grace and her courage.

How do you repay all of this? Where do you begin?

How do you repay your mother for loving you like no one will ever love you?

I don’t think it is even possible. But this is what I have learnt; a simple thank you would be enough for a mother. Simply showing you care would send only a mother’s heart soaring over the moon. Yet, those simplest acts of gratitude are hard for most of us.

My daughter is six, after her first day in this world I already knew she will never be able to repay me for what all I have done for her. After thirty years? Not in this lifetime!

For only a mother, my mother, calls her daughter on her own birthday, tells her daughter to be safe as she leaves for a vacation. And sends off her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren sheltered in her prayers and love. Never once saying;
“It is my birthday today and you forgot.”

Only my mother….

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T Hassan The author is a writer, dreamer, social activist and a Communications Major at California State University. She does Social Media and Marketing for various non-profit organizations and blogs at
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Idrees | 9 years ago | Reply @SM: You said "Every day should be Mother’s Day." Yes I agree that everyday should be mother's day But everyday cannot be a special day. For those emphasized text unfortunates should be ashamed of themselves) who put their parents in old houses, mother's day is must. But for those very lucky ones who live with their parents can celebrate this day by doing something special e.g. going outside to have lunch or dinner etc.
Madhia | 10 years ago | Reply Lovely.. No other love greater than mom's love.. We can never repay our moms, never... Just love them and help them, give her time, this is all she wants
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