A chat with Imran Khan's biggest 'little' fan: He will do my homework and feed all the cats

'Oh, and my papa’s car breaks down every day; Imran Khan will fix it too,' said this excited little Third Grader.

Roy Dilawer Khan May 04, 2013
“Sir, ap Imran Khan ko nhi jantay. Wo Superman hai!”

(Sir, you do not know Imran Khan. He is Superman!)

This is what a child stated at my secondary school back in my hometown - spreading his arms in the air to show the extent of Khan’s jurisdiction - when I asked him how Khan would manage to do so many things.

A week before my last semester at university, I decided to visit my old school to refresh some memories. I met my principal, and with him, went to talk with some students of Grade III.

I began with the frequently asked questions in such situations, such as “What do you want be when you grow up?” The children soon opened up and felt at ease talking to me.

One child replied to my question with a rather surprising answer.
“Sir, I want to be Imran Khan,” he said

At once, he became the centre of attention and it seemed as if he had an unquestionable superiority over other kids. It wouldn’t be shocking if a teenager told me this, but this child was only a third grade student. This was unusual coming from such a young boy.

I knew my meeting with this class has taken a very interesting turn, and so, I decided to interview this child.

To test his knowledge about Imran Khan, I asked,
“Acha ji, waisay Imran Khan hai kon?”

(Alright, by the way who is Imran Khan?)

He said, in Urdu, and I translate,
“Sir, Imran Khan is a cricket-playing politician and he is about to become the prime minister of our country.”

“Who told you he will become prime minister?” I was, intrigued.

“Everyone says so. Only my uncle says he won’t have I have done katti (broken ties) with him.”

I was enjoying listening to this child’s adorable answers, and went on to asking,
“Okay, if we accept that Imran Khan becomes the prime minister, what will he do?”

“Everything,” said the child confidently.

I immediately asked for examples.
“Imran Khan will make everything right, and he’ll catch thieves, and if a child hasn’t completed his homework, Imran Khan will complete it, and he’ll share his lunch with me, and he’ll solve the electricity issue in my house, and he’ll tend to the ill and make them well. Oh, and my papa’s car breaks down every day; Imran Khan will fix it too.”

The boy would have had no trouble extending the list of tasks Khan was supposedly going to perform, had he not been interrupted by a little girl who had her own problem.
“Sunny, will Imran Khan give my cat milk while I’m away at my grandma’s house?”

The question was of course of great national importance and this little spokesman of Khan took some time thinking about its possible reply which was,
“Yes, Simmi, in fact he will feed everyone’s cats.”

I thought he was taking time to decide whether Khan would or would not feed Simmi’s cat, but in fact, he was trying to figure out the exact number of cats Khan could feed. When he failed, it was “all the cats”.

His views brought to my mind a video circulating on social media in which two young children are presenting their views about Imran Khan. I wish I had a camera because this kid deserved coverage.

I moved on and conclusively asked him as to how Imran Khan -a single human being- would manage to do all these stuffs alone.
“Sir, you do not know Imran Khan. He is Superman!” he said.

I hope the dreams of young Imran Khan followers like Sunny do not remain just dreams and the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf actually proves to be a party that makes the Pakistani youth believe in the country and countrymen again.

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Roy Dilawer Khan A student of law at Punjab University Law College, Roy has served as the editor of the annual magazine at Punjab University. He tweets as @roy__dk
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jade | 11 years ago | Reply classic!!! no joke!!!
Misha Humayune | 11 years ago | Reply Even as a young ten year old messing with the net, this article is very wondrous. A young boy only like literally 2 years younger than me what he said was inspirating but honeslty i always thought i dont need a role model but now i want one. Pakistan is blessed with such a human for Earth so Imran Khan is not just a man, he is a hero. Hoping my dad doesnt go jealous.......haha. Anyway, Imran Khan is more deserving than to be the priminister, he is deserving to be the president. Child Power!
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