Where and how to have fun?

Faryal Najeeb June 22, 2010

Recently I visited an exhibition at the Expo Centre which boasted that over ten thousand people had attended on the very first day. One thing that always strikes me when attending such events is the enthusiasm with which families turn up and the fun they seem to be having, even when they are being jostled by each other and have to push their way to the front of the stalls.

But then again, I guess it’s not surprising keeping in mind the limited facilities that families have to enjoy themselves, while also spending the least possible money.

True, there are the newly established parks all over the city but in this hot and humid weather, very few brave these, even at night. And with the new laws making malls close down by 8:00 pm, options are even more restricted.

The best alternative that people have is to eat out. But rising expenses and cost of living is already back-breaking, especially keeping in mind that in our society, even today, it’s the man of the house who is the sole bread earner of the family.

The government has failed to curb inflation, as just last week the State Bank of Pakistan revealed that inflation in May was 13.3 per cent.

The news of the upcoming Value Added Tax is further worrying people as most feel that its implementation is inevitable.

What is a man to do when he has a wife and kids waiting at home, in expectation that he would take them for an outing at least once a week, asked an uncle of mine recently.

I had no answer, as to be honest, belonging to a well- off family I have never been able to relate to such circumstances. But many do depend on such exhibitions for their share of fun. And for this reason, I urge the government to hold more such events.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 19th, 2010.

Faryal Najeeb A sub-editor on the business pages of The Express Tribune. She has a passion for commerce journalism.
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Faiq N | 13 years ago | Reply I would from an economics background suggest that we need to cut back on population growth rates and increase spending on education. No matter what the tax rates, we'll be prosperous with better education and optimal population figures. Tax rates in Europe are as high as 51% in certain instances.
Murtaza Ali Jafri | 13 years ago | Reply I urge the govt. to hold no events, but instead provide tax incentives for private organizations to hold such events (No subsidy). It is not the responsibility of the govt. to entertain the general populace....unless ofcourse they are appearing on talk shows.
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