English Premier League: Predicting the final league table

In this battle of nerves, anything can happen and Liverpool might be a dark horse in the race for the fourth spot.

Sunie Hassan March 05, 2013
Like every year, we are in for a great end to the English Premier League saga.

With clubs competing at several avenues this year, it will be a rather stressful, nail-biting finish to see which of these secure elite positions at the league table.

The big spender Manchester City is trying to shift in top gear after securing a win over Chelsea at the Etihad Stadium. This is being done in an attempt to bridge the gap between them and their namesake, leading Manchester United.

The table leaders, Manchester United, have only lost one league home game (against Tottenham Hotspur) this season and are in a pole position to claim the premier league title back from their ‘noisy neighbours’, Manchester City.

Having said that, I’m sure you all remember the great debacle that cost Manchester United the title last season- with 11 matches still to go, anything can happen!

Moreover, the most interesting yet competitive race is amongst the likes of Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Everton and Liverpool to claim a Champions League spot.

Currently, Manchester City is leading while Tottenham remains at the third position after beating West Ham United this week. Chelsea is at number four while Arsenal is at the fifth spot.

Liverpool might turn out to be a dark horse in the race for the fourth spot in the table; however, it is too early to judge. But, what is interesting to note here is the similarity between Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool. All three clubs let go of their stars in the transfer window last year, when these players could have still made a huge difference.

Liverpool let Dirk Kuyt join the Turkish giants Fenerbahce in summer 2012. Although not as prolific as he was in Netherland, the Dutchman scored some crucial goals in this last season under Kenny Dalglish, in charge of Liverpool; like with Manchester United wringing a cup tie and a goal in the Carling Cup final.

After the departure of Dirk Kuyt and Andy Carroll on load to West Ham, Liverpool is left with only two senior strikers, Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge. Surely, the Dutchman could have made a major difference for the struggling reds this season to secure top flight football in the European elite.

Similarly, Manchester City sold Mario Ballotelli to AC Milan earlier this year. Although, the reasons for this have not yet been disclosed, media reports suggest that the fall out with City manager, Roberto Mancini proved to be the last nail in the coffin for Super Mario and he was readily sold to the Italian giants in San Siro.

Chelsea played the same confusing trick by offloading Daniel Sturridge to Liverpool in the January transfer window after the departure of Didier Drogba earlier in the summer. Daniel would have proved to be really helpful with his premier league experience while Fernando Torres has been continually under fire.

All in all, we are in for a spectacular finish to the season in a couple of months. There is plenty to look forward to and the race is not over yet. If there is anything we learnt from last season we know that it is going to be a battle of nerves and it only keeps getting more interesting from here onwards!
Sunie Hassan An Aerospace Engineer by profession and a sportsman by passion. He is currently working as a consultant for an aerospace company in Germany.
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Sophie | 11 years ago | Reply What?! How can you talk about top 4 contenders selling big players last season and make no reference at all to Arsenal selling Robin van Percie???? It was one of the biggest examples of such sales last year.
Sammy Wiseguy | 11 years ago | Reply My prediction: United City Spurs Chelsea Arsenal And as sad as that makes me given I am a gunner that's how it seems it will play out
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