English Premier League: Manchester City or Manchester United?

Both the Manchester rivals have the best players and will go head-to-head. This year's EPL will be hair-raising!

Mateen Khalid February 22, 2013
I’m sure all the avid lovers of the English Premier League (especially Manchester United) think that they have already won the crown of the English Premier league for 2012-2013.

However, there are still 12 matches to be played by 18 teams and anything can happen. Manchester United seems to be in a very strong position; 12 points above the second place team (Manchester City), and 16 points over third place (Chelsea).

Sir Alex Ferguson’s team has the best lead since the 2000-2001 season and their next five matches are against Queens Park Rangers (QPR), Norwich City, West Ham, Reading and Sunderland. They look assured about getting their 20th English crown by beating these second-half teams, but I’d still say it isn’t over yet.

It’s been a two way race since the very beginning with both the Manchester rivals going head to head. They have the best players in their squads and the ability and skill required to win.

If you remember what happened the last time, you will know that Manchester City gained eight points in their last six matches to win the English crown and beat Manchester United on goal difference. The only positive Manchester City can gain from this season, and their recent history, is that there are still 36 points to be played for and they can count themselves in for those. However, they lack the strike power which United is carrying this season.

Robin Van Persie, Wayne Rooney and Javier Hernandez have 37 goals between them this season as compared to 28 goals between Edin Dzeko, Sergio Agüero and Carlos Tevez.

United have a much more settled defence as compared to their City rivals. This defence has provided them with perfect boost they need and this is especially true after their goalkeeper David De Gea performed against Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

However, Manchester City has the likes of Pablo Zabaleta, Yaya Toure, David Silva, Sergio Agüero and Vincent Kompany – major game-changers who have the ability to manipulate the result of any game in mere minutes!

If you have seen this season and the performance of Pablo Zabaleta in the last few matches, you can compare him to the best in the business.

The best chance Manchester City has to climb back is by performing well in the Champions League. There will be a hectic schedule ahead for Manchester United, if they beat Real Madrid in the second leg. It is becoming harder, however, for the United players to travel and play twice or even thrice each week.

In my opinion, it all comes down to the wire as it did in the last season.

The crowning glory now all depends on Persie, Rooney, Evra from United, and Zabaleta, Kompany and David Silva from City- they may just be six men, but they get to decide the fate of their respective teams!

Manchester City’s manager Roberto Mancini has insisted that the race for the Premier League title is not over yet.

Let’s see whether his statement has any truth to it.

May the best team win!
Mateen Khalid An MBA in finance from KASBIT in 2008 who works with a US firm as a remote employee.
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Haroon | 11 years ago | Reply @SAM ::: barca Just lost to Real Madrid in Copa Del, they are equal but by no means is Barca Better than Real Madrid, and you are talking about Spanish league bro? EPL is far more competitive then La Liga, you can see teams at the lower bottom beating the top flights at times which is surprising and good to watch, where as in La liga, there are always 2 teams for the title, Real and Barca no other real threat apart from that.! U cant compare apples to Oranges bro!
SAM@Shabir | 11 years ago | Reply Oh God....why you guys waste your time and energy on these english teams who mostly are "Ghar kay Shair" Come guys....Open your eyes...Barca is the real thing. Real madrid is the second best. Combine all best players from Manu and Man city and play it with Barca. For sure Barca would be the winner.
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