Imran and Musharraf should join forces

Both have the same vote bank i.e. prissy, rich, mostly delusional kids and their yuppy parents living nice, safe lives in urban settings with most of Pakistan's wealth.

Nadya V September 17, 2010
I saw an article in The Express Tribune where Sheikh Rashid of the floundering AML (or was it ALM? Who remembers anyway?) says that PML Nawaz-log, APML Mush-log and PML-Q should all join hands, make love not war and unite under the banner of Pir Pagara (with Bilawal Bhutto as their secretary – and before I get lynched for saying that – I didn’t!).

I think that’s a really cute idea – almost as cute as the time I saw President Zardari, Nawaz Sharif and the rest of the ‘democracy clan’ join hands and solemnly swear to work together just days after the last elections. That turned out real swell didn’t it?

Coming back to the present, I recently saw a comment by this really sincere sounding guy called Ahsan, addressing Musharraf:
we like to see u and imran khan together running the government, resolve ur conflicts with each other n v youth of Pakistan r waiting for revolution to support.

Ahsan, I couldn’t agree with you more – and I am going to list down five solid reasons why.

Reason 1: Musharraf and Imran Khan’s joint party (which I unofficially dub ‘Pasdar-e-Insaaf) may not be able to get the votes (or the seats) in the upcoming Pakistan elections, but imagine what the combined force of this dynamic duo could do in Farmville, Mafia Wars and Texas Hold ‘em Poker on Facebook? One word: epic.

Reason 2: Both Musharraf and Imran Khan have the same vote bank i.e. prissy, rich, mostly delusional kids and their yuppy parents living nice, safe lives in urban settings with most of the country’s wealth. The only thing determining whether you are a Mush supporter or an Imran Khan supporter in this crowd is whether you are a closet-fundo or a liberal-extremist (based on whether you got to go abroad for higher education or not). Really, aside from this, the differences are not so great.

Reason 3: I think Musharraf and Imran Khan are both really charismatic in their own way. I mean, one is a pretty hot ex-cricket captain who looks great in Shalwar Kameez – and the other is… well his speeches are always fun.

Reason 4: Their political agenda is more or less the same nowadays isn’t it? Bash the ruling government, raise some flood relief funds, try to stay politically relevant by shooting off press-worthy statements now and then. If you think they have nuisance value right now, imagine both of them high-fiving each other as members of the opposition in the National Assembly!

Reason 5: Even if their party fails to make it big in Pakistan, they can both retire and throw some truly great parties in London.

Next article: why the MQM should merge with Pasdar-e-Insaaf, and the ramifications this will have – on Facebook.
Nadya V Social critic and part-time gossip monger
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