Single on Valentine's Day? Nothing wrong with it!

A Facebook and Twitter are inundated with happy couples on this day, the single people just fume with jealousy.

Aroob Pirzada February 11, 2013
As soon as February 14 approaches every year, I am forced into contemplating my inadequacy to celebrate the “day of lovers” because I happen to be single.

The fête kicks off weeks ahead of 'the day'. Roadsides begin to line up with stalls of red balloons and bouquets of roses priced so shockingly high, it’s hard to believe.

A plethora of cheeky commercials start bombarding every television channel, where two love birds are somehow fitted in every advertisement (ranging from washing soaps to tractors). Numerous Valentine’s Day special deals start popping up on my Facebook page, luring me into believing that a “heart-shaped cushion” is all that I need right now- the pillow that possesses magic powers- the solution to all my problems.

All the indications appear as constant reminders of my seclusion from the 'couples’ league', and hence I am deemed unfit to be part of the festivities that paint the town red.

Since the advent of social media, Valentine’s Day has no more remained a cosy, personal affair. It has become a kind of war of prides as well. Every couple is under immense pressure to architect a perfect photo album to upload to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, that can adequately demonstrate their lavish and romantic Valentine’s Day arrangements.

On one hand, the increasing number of “likes” and “comments” makes the effort totally worthwhile for the couple; on the other hand, those incapable of presenting such public displays of affection only fume and churn in their seats with every click.

However, singles can feel comforted by the fact that all that fancy stuff comes with a hefty price tag plus a lot of stress.

To combat Valentine’s Day blues, you can relish knowing that on this particular day, you don’t have to deal with the stress of choosing a striking outfit and looking absolutely gorgeous. You don’t have to worry about getting a dine-out reservation in time, or bear pressure of finding gifts that meet expectations of your partner.

Be relieved that you can skip the shower, order a pizza, sink comfortably into your favourite couch and do whatever you want.

This Valentine’s Day, you can remind yourself that you are a free elf and you can indulge in all the crazy stuff that singles have the liberty to do. Send anonymous flowers to someone you absolutely detest. Devour an absurd amount of chocolate delights (which you can get at great discount nowadays). Get together with single friends and laugh your heart out to a comedy movie.

If you are seeking to vent out anger, go for an anti-Valentine’s Day party. As far as combating the army of “love-struck” Facebook statuses is concerned, feel free to show everyone you’re not sulking around feeling sorry for yourself but instead are having a blast in your own way.

You’re single and that’s just great!

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Aroob Pirzada A business graduate, based in Lahore. She is interested in technology, culture, human psychology, astrology and healthy cooking. She tweet at @aroob_p
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conscience | 11 years ago | Reply @Rehan There is a reason why Qaum e Luut was destroyed. Allah apko hidayat day. Ameen
shuja ul islam | 11 years ago | Reply both the favor or against the valentine's day...provide a good laughter..!!
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