11 things I love about Dubai

Dubai is a shopper's paradise, an employee's ladder, a definition of diversity, a playground for International...

Hina Jafri February 07, 2013
I am not much of a blogger, but ever since I read a hate piece about Dubai, I wanted to revive its charm.

Dubai, can be assessed from several angles; a tourist, a family, a labourer, a tycoon or an individual.

I fall in the last. So here is my list of why I absolutely adore Dubai. 

1. Array of cuisines

When it comes to food, Dubai is a mixed platter of delicacies from all around the world. Being a foodie in Dubai and its variety of dining options, is like an unleashed child in a candy-store. From Brazilian Churrasscaria to Vietnamese Bun Bo hue, Dubai offers it all - authentically.

Choosing a restaurant can be a tough call because of the diversity Dubai has and with several online deals and entertainer vouchers, gourmet and fine dining are no more a luxury.

2. Girl power

'Ladies first' still applies in Dubai and at most of the places, Eve surpasses Adam when it comes to convenience.

There are:

-Exclusive 'ladies only' compartments in the metro (rail);

-Separate lines for women at the ministry offices;
-Ladies only days at water-parks.

So, that's how women roll here!

3. Engineered greenery

When nature was distributing greenery, these GCC countries were may be too busy sheeshaing!

Dubai, unfortunately scores low on natural greenery but the government has not left any stone unturned to plant green pastures around the city.

You can always welcome winters with a BBQ party or just get along with summer by jogging and exercising on the free machines located in one of the several parks.

4. Cosmopolitan cocktail

The thing I love about this place is the number of nationalities it hosts. While travelling in the metro, you can literally observe the diversity of this metropolis, where a group of Filipina kabayans taking pictures, a South-Indian talking (loudly, like a boss) on a cell-phone, a Syrian woman with her baby in a pram, an Italian couple asking about the closest JBR or some GCC tourist family, who have never traveled by train before.

Dubai has become the new definition of diversity!

5. Climbing the corporate ladder

Dubai offers a promising growth to your career. With the number of MNCs and big names operating their regional offices from here, the experience gained is a resume builder.

The quality of working standards and level of exposure is definitely a perk.

6. Hot wheels

If you have a passion for wheels, Dubai is the stop where you can see the filthy rich people parading their precious vehicles on the JBR walk or a Harley Davidson group growling loud around the town over the weekend.

You can also experience an Audi TT drive at the circuits and burn in that heat, or just be simply mesmerised by the motor show!

7. Everyone's a winner

I am sure everyone in Dubai knows someone who has won something over somewhere. Like literally, radio stations give away prizes everyday from movie tickets to a one year leased apartment!

Prizes that are meant to be won, may I add daily, during the Dubai Shopping Festival are just insane!

8. The four letter word that women crave for! Love? Nah Sale!!

I, of course, won’t compare sales over here to Black Friday or Chinese New Year’s, but being a shopaholic, I feel Dubai is just a shopper’s paradise!

With so much variety on the shopping menu, you just get drawn to that four-lettered-magical-word and drool in stores, almost as though you were hypnotised.

9. SOS (Sync Oh Sports)

What is your sport? Wakeboarding? Taekwondo? Fencing?

Dubai allows you to keep up with literally anything! I love (like love) basketball, and thankfully, am a regular player in a community league here.

Dubai also hosts a variety of international sports to cater different tastes and till date, I have been to three Pakistan Cricket series, one Golf Desert Classic and one World Horse-Racing Cup.

Dubai just knows how to spoil you!


10. Let the music play

Ooo! Do I need to say anything about this one?

Weekends in Dubai are always booked for one concert or the other. From Rahat Fateh Ali Khan to Armin Van Buuren, Dubai is a haven for much lovers. .

There are several movie premieres and film festivals that are accessible and the tickets can also be won through various competitions hosted by sponsors.

Lucky for us!

11. Center of now

After studying abroad, I have made many international friends and ever since I moved to Dubai, I have met 19 of my university friends here!

This is because Dubai is just so convenient for people to drop by.

Suitcases are a permanent decoration piece in my studio apartment because whoever is going wherever just happens to pass by Dubai.

As I wind up, I feel like I will be labelled as a paid employee of Ministry of Tourism! Can't help it; I just love this place!

But haters gonna hate anyways, khallee wallee!

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Hina Jafri A fraud risk consultant. She loves long conversations, basketball and travelling. With writing and photography as her passion, she aims to capture and reveal the essence of life around her in light humour. She tweets @hinazj
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Muhammad Rameez Javed | 11 years ago | Reply if you are not a shopaholic and not someone who likes to keep his space like me,dubai is not the place for you. I ve grew up in dubai and i have lost my love for this place. Way too many people and the locals are not sweet anymore. They are dare i say, racist now!!! If i'd be given a choice, i would bash an arab.
adnan | 11 years ago | Reply no doubt dubai has more pros than cons. i would like to add an important one here, i know how we feel when wark a dark street in london or even the main roads after dusk. whereas dubai is much safer place as compared to london or NY or bejing.
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