Catalysing the change

We are divided into castes, creeds, races and ethnicities and we forget that this nation was made to promote peace.

Kulsoom Inam January 15, 2013
Since the Arab Spring revolution kicked off, Pakistanis also seem to be advocating some kind of “change” for betterment.

However, a question often disturbs me; things in the political and social realm appear to have gone from bad to worse, but we keep on expecting change.

So, where is the change? Why hasn’t it come yet? Have you ever pondered why?

I believe we, as a society, focus only on words and are not careful about doing what we preach or believe. I, for one, love to talk about standing united like people in Arab world did − but I doubt I’d like to step out of the safe confinement of my home and walk under the scorching sun to raise voice against any injustice.

Let’s consider recent price hikes: petrol and electricity prices increased with every passing day and none of us took any conclusive, practical stand. We could only give lip-service to the current government’s ineptness.

When we took a stand – for instance, against the blasphemous film — we harmed our own people and our own properties. While we talk about the highhandedness of law enforcing agency and policy makers, do we ever stop to examine our own conduct?

Each and every day, we break rules that are made for our own security. Does this behaviour catalyse the change we want to see?

The other day, my driver was stopped by a traffic constable for reckless driving. The constable was about to fine the driver, but the latter pulled out a crisp note of Rs100 and secretly handed it to the traffic warden.

We often talk about a bureaucracy that is busy filling up their bank accounts. Are we any different?

While we talk about a better society, we cheat our fellow countrymen, we lie to each other, and we kill each other. We are divided into castes, creeds, races and ethnicities. We forget that this nation was made for Muslims along with everyone else who wants to lead a peaceful life.

Is this what it looks like now? A peaceful nation? Do all these divisions, hostilities and conflicts lead to the change we want to see?

In a nutshell, I would just say we are as much to be blamed as the politicians or the media for making the situation worse.

We need to change our own mindset to bring this most anticipated change in the society rather than waiting for some miracle to happen.
Kulsoom Inam
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