(Manufactured) revolution mubarak

We were so close to having a democratic transition of power; now we will watch this game of shadows being played out.

Zarrar Khuhro January 15, 2013
Congratulations, Pakistan!

The 'manufactured' revolution just came to a country near you.

After the stunning success of People’s Power movements, Colour Revolutions and various Springs, we bring you the Pakistani Winter.

You can thank the best strategic minds in Pakistan and beyond for bringing you this stunning and beautifully coordinated production. We’ve been called paranoid, we’ve been called incurable conspiracy theorists and cynical naysayers but guess what? We were right all along.

It’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

But you know what? I actually find it quite sweet.

It’s unfolded with the coordination of a Bolshoi ballet, the choreography of Disney on ice, the farce of Monty Python. And let’s admit it: it was kind of beautiful in its sheer cynicism. No one can accuse the Dirty Tricks Brigade of not being able to learn new tricks. The electronic media brought the last dictator down?

No problem, lets just buy them with ads. Social media upsetting the status quo around the world? No problem, lets manufacture #Revolution hashtags and saturate.

Once again, black is white and up is down. The lack of water at Karbala is equated with a lack of diesel in Islamabad. Our former dictator Musharraf now calls his rule a democratic one. An imported cleric, like it or not, just managed to articulate the frustration of the masses where a domestic government could not.

Yes, we need to blame the establishment and the judiciary for once again supporting, enabling and coordinating an undemocratic change in this country. We must call them to account for cratering the runway when we were so close to the finish line.

But they aren’t the only ones to blame. Had the government delivered even the semblance of governance in the past four odd years, there would not have been even five thousand people on the streets right now.

Had the government any moral authority, or any authority at all, this man would not have been able to hold the country hostage. That they did not, that they squandered such a mandate, that they allowed the establishment - which has been at its lowest ebb in decades - to pull off something on this scale, is a true tragedy.

We were so close; so close to actually having a democratic transition of power; so close to cementing the democratic process in Pakistan. And now we are once again reduced to watching this surreal game of shadows being played out.

So what now?

Will we see some political parties (MQM, PTI and PML-Q, I’m thinking of you) and leaders now endorse this manufactured revolution and destroy their future for the sake of a temporary accommodation?

Will this turn out to be yet another martyrdom for the defeated and decrepit PPP to cash in on?

I don’t know. But one thing that’s sure is the forces that came up with this scenario have war-gamed and brainstormed it to near-perfection.

We’re just along for the ride. And yes, it will be a bumpy one.

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Zarrar Khuhro The writer is editor of The Express Tribune Magazine [email protected]
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Uza Syed | 10 years ago | Reply @Shah (Berlin): Right on! Shahjee, I don't care either who brings a "REAL" revolution, but you know the "REAL" one which Not only takes care of corrupt politicians but also corrupt & fake liberals of the land. The pseudo intellectuals who dare sneeze at the ordinary Pakistanis and side with rotten gangs of the beneficiaries of the status quo, yeah all these gangsters, I do support you a revolution must come.
p r sharma | 10 years ago | Reply People are crying against feudal( who control votes and power through votes.) Who stops to go ahead with land reforms ?( to reduce the power of feudal lords) overcome the hurdles. But alas the hurdle is irremovable due to religious belief.Political and economic vicious circles has tightened its grip and the common man is vying to come out of it. We get what we deserve
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