Going to the bathroom? No need for a status update please!

A list of 10 things people should consider before pressing the share button on Facebook - please leave us alone!

Faraz Hasan January 09, 2013

The advent of social websites such as Facebook and Twitter has forever changed the way we interact with each other. Just about a decade ago, you would not have imagined that you would be able to keep in touch with all your friends from kindergarten through to graduation, your family and your workmates in such a manner as is possible today.

These websites have not only given us the power to share our whereabouts with the world on a real-time basis but have also allowed us to share our thoughts on news, views and happenings around the world.

But this power has also given rise to a new problem; a condition known as ‘The Like Syndrome’ (also called the ‘Attention Seeking Syndrome’ or ‘ASS’ but that’s just rude!)

In fact, we all suffer from this condition in one form or the other because let’s face it, we all love a little bit of attention from time to time but acute sufferers of this condition just seem to go overboard in the quest to obtain as many ‘likes’ (or ‘favourites’ on Twitter) as possible.

I am talking about those people who stop at nothing when sharing information about their daily life and others who share just about every picture or video they come across, whether it makes sense or not!

So having seen a fair share of ‘like-mongers’ (and somewhat being one myself!), below is a list of 10 things I think people should consider before hitting the share button

1. As a general rule, think twice before posting personal details and pictures online. Be careful when adding people and make sure only trusted people have access to your pictures. There are a lot of sick people out there and you never know who may be looking at the information you have posted and if it is being used for ulterior purposes!

2. Spare the details – Yes, we are very happy that you had a baby boy but do you really need to post the number of hours you spent in labour or how much your baby weighs? Sometimes less is more!

3. Refrain from stating the obvious – So it’s really raining outside? I am sure I would never have known that if you and a 100 other people on my list didn’t update me!

4. If you feel like crying, use a tissue paper not your Facebook status – You know why? Because half the people in your list don’t care that you are sad and the other half are probably happy that you are suffering.

5. Always check the authenticity of information before posting – just because a post has 1000+ likes does not mean it is authentic and true. Please do a little research before you share something because you never know that you may inadvertently be spreading false propaganda and flaming more conspiracy theories.

6. Your likes will not save that baby’s life – enough said!

7. Pakistan cricket fans, we have the most inconsistent sports team in the world so before posting an overly optimistic status slamming your opponents, please remember that there is a tomorrow and you might have to eat your words! Also, please don’t update your status after every wicket/boundary. You are just cluttering our timelines because you know what, we have a TV too!

8. When you go on a vacation, please stop with the constant check-ins – It was nice to know that you are in Malaysia, but do you really have to let us know where you had lunch/dinner? Or where you went to the bathroom? Also, please don’t post 350 pictures of you posing with every building, street lamp, letter box, dog and cat. I think people usually get bored after the 50th picture so again, less is more!

9. Your wife is probably a great cook but I don’t think people are interested to look at pictures of her latest ‘creation!’ In fact, most people probably removed you from their timeline after you posted the fifth picture of the pizza she made last week.

10. Boys, if you really want to look at questionable pictures and videos of Hollywood/Bollywood stars, please make sure that the auto-share option is off because we seriously do not want to know how you spend your ‘me time!’

In case you are still not convinced with my tips above, then I’ll let Obama convince you!

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Faraz Hasan A Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan and is currently working in the UK & Ireland division of one of the big 4 audit firms. His interests include travelling, cricket and photography. He tweets @eff_eche (https://twitter.com/eff_eche) and blogs at http://farazhasan.wordpress.com
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Shiraz Nisar | 11 years ago | Reply Impressive article. i liked and agreed with all points...
syed zaki | 11 years ago | Reply Impressive article,really glad to read it. Totally agreed!
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