In Karachi, fear is always your faithful companion

It taught us how to laugh at our own losses – it made us stronger than we ever will be.

Musabmemon January 13, 2013
We are the sons of KarachiWe grew up knowing danger like knowing how to ride a bicycle – memories that refuse to wear down with time. We have lived our lives with fear as a close companion. We boast the epitome of valour.

One too many a time, for one too many of us, it has taken away more than it can give back – notwithstanding, we love Karachi.

Uncertainty has taken a firm hold on our hearts – and it taught us how to live despite that. We heard bullets and hid under the table when we were kids. Then we lay sleepless in bed when our sons took longer than usual to come back home.

It ruthlessly taught us how to live with uncertainty and still walk tall. It taught us how to laugh at our own losses – it made us stronger than we ever will be. We bear scars that are testament to how relentless we have become. We are the sons of Karachi.

We know what the value of life is because we have lost one too many. We have faced a gun, and if we haven’t, it has taught us to be prepared to face one. We know we live around people who have lived worse.

But in all its glory Karachi taught us how to dream – dream big. We all dream the same. We dream of days when we will walk the roads without watching our backs. We dream of the clear skies – free of doubt and helplessness. We dream of a Karachi that we can truly love. We dream our kids will not live in this fear. We are sons of Karachi, we love Karachi.

But the truth is we hate that we love Karachi.

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Musabmemon A sub-editor on the National desk of The Express Tribune
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