Hear me now, as I scream from heaven

You did not hear my pleas of mercy, or the clank of iron, ravaging the insides of my body. Hear me now.

Sameera Rashid January 02, 2013
I, Nirbhaya Damini, have left my earthly abode. After fighting hard for two weeks, my mortal body has surrendered to grievous injuries, inflicted on it, by six human beasts.

I must confide to you that I am happy in heaven as angels have sung beautiful songs on my arrival and have taken me on a round of green pastures and pristine blue lakes. I am also happy to escape the hallmarks of human existence on earth - pain, illness and injustice - and achieve eternal salvation.

I must also tell you that as I had lived an ordinary, uneventful life for all of my 23 years, I found the sorrow and anguish of people all over the world on my death, as well as the homage paid to me by horror-struck people of India - bewildering.

But I must say that tributes have humbled me. So in this moment of anguish, I request people mourning my death to channel their anger and grief to speak out against violence unleashed on women, not only in India but other parts of the world too.

Listen to these words:

That day you didn’t hear,

My stilled screams,

Echoing on a chilly dark night.


My pleas of mercy,

In the corners of a moving bus,

The clank of iron,

Ravaging the insides of my body.


And my shudders of pain,

On an icy, black roadside.

You appeared deaf to all.


As you failed to hear me,

That day,

At least speak for me now.


Say loudly:
“I am the pro-creator,

Of the human race,

And not an object of lust,


And a plaything.”


Utter empathetically:
“I am the nurturer,

Of mankind,

And not an object of derision,


And mindless violence.


The procreator, the nurturer,

Is the Creator’s agent,

Who men cannot beat into submission,

Molest on baser instincts,

As it portents the death,

Moral conscience and sanity,

Of the human race.”


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Sameera Rashid A research analyst, blogger and a graduate of King's College, London, in public policy.
The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necassarily reflect the views and policies of the Express Tribune.


Sohaib Mushtaq | 11 years ago | Reply first of all as a Pakistani, i want to apologize for the comments of miss Shehnaz. I dont know what she tried to say or she chosed inappropriate words to express her feelings! As i heard about this incident, i was shocked that how a human being can do this! The act what they have done is even not imagineable! Before doing this horrible act these culprits should think about their mothers who were also female, and their mothers commited sin by giving birth to them! What they done to a innocent girl! At least they dont had to torture her! I think these culprits should be locked in that cursed bus an burn them alive after treating them with the same iron rod in same way (kash ye ho sakta) May ALLMIGHTY ALLAH Bless soul of that girl with highest place in Heaven.(Ameen) I dont know that i am right or wrong, but i think that line of control firing issue is created by the Indian government to distract the Indian people from Delhi rape issue! Sohaib Mushtaq (Pakistan)
iffat | 11 years ago | Reply the Indian girl is echoing from heavens not only for justice but the the joyous moments awaiting for her on this earth, her ordinary life to be filled with some special events and striving to enjoy angelic songs on this very heaven with her family and friends---lets hear the silent screaming of INDIAN GIRLS all around you.
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