Christmas and Boxing Day: Celebrations in pictures around the world!

Being a Muslim, I see no reason why I shouldn't celebrate Christmas. The world did and you should too!

erum.shaikh December 28, 2012
Christmas- a day of celebration for most of the world and Boxing Day – the perfect cherry on top.

Besides Eid, Christmas takes priority in my life as well. My grandmother, a Czech national, Christian who converted to Islam long long ago still celebrates Christmas with the same zeal as she does Eid.

Secretly, I believe Santa Claus still exists too. Many argue that being a Muslim I should not be celebrating a Christian tradition- however, being brought up in the family that I have, I believe that life is way too short and we need all the occasions we can get to celebrate with our loved ones- you never know who leaves you and when.

On the night of December 22, 2012, early morning between 4:52 and 4:58, I lost the one person I dreamt my life with, my future with- I lost my fiancé, Asfandyar Munawar Siddiqui to a tragic car accident. The reason I am telling you all this today is because the loss I felt is incomparable. He was just 28-years-old and we were going to celebrate Christmas together this year at my house.

Unfortunately, this year, I didn’t know when Christmas came and when it went.

So instead of sitting and debating about the logistics of celebrating an event- celebrate it anyway. Put up a Christmas tree and place presents underneath for all your family members, friends and loved ones. Have a Christmas eve dinner, pull each other’s leg and enjoy the company of one another. Everyday should be Christmas and Eid, and every day should be celebrated.

Having come back to work, I decided to look at how the world celebrated Christmas and Boxing Day- despite the trying times. Here are some wonderful pictures that I came across and thought I’d share them with you all. I wish I could share them with him as well.

The Oxford Street Christmas lights are switched on in central London

These were just the Christmas celebrations around the world, here’s what Boxing Day did to the once normal people! Yes, Boxing Day is the one day you can become a crazy shopper, lose all sense of etiquettes and mannerisms and let loose that shopper devil inside you -and the best part is- you’re excused for it all! Please tell me you guys shopped your hearts out- if you didn’t, take a look at these pictures and enjoy the expressions of some of these determined shoppers.

I want it! Even if I don’t like it I want it- I want it even if I don’t want it! Just give it to me!

What I imagine this gentleman saying;
“Pick that one up too, honey- today, I’ll buy you as many things as you like!”

*evil snicker* He thinks this will count for her birthday and anniversary present too- poor guy!

You can never get enough of these photos!

With these pictures, I hope everyone saw the little moments of joy in the world- even for a few minutes. I hope to God that He grants Asfandyar a place in heaven, I hope he celebrated Christmas just like we would have together and I hope that the world celebrates the smaller moments in life.

Mankind needs a reason to celebrate every day. Don’t live your life fretting over why you should.

Live like there is no tomorrow, love like you have no time left.

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tahira | 11 years ago | Reply My heart goes out to you,he must have been a wonderful person,may Allah mend your devastated soul,love
BRUISED INDIAN | 11 years ago | Reply Extremely sorry for your irrepairable loss, may you have the courage to over come your grief.
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