Your choice: Top blog posts of 2012

From nudity and niqab to Maya Khan and water cars - a look at the defining blog posts of 2012.

Jahanzaib Haque December 29, 2012
The blog posts below were selected based on the number of visits to individual articles, representing what visitors to the Tribune Blogs considered vital reads for 2012.

Over 200,000 views

Social media is lying to you about Burma’s Muslim ‘cleansing’ – Faraz Ahmed
The post that got Tribune Blogs temporarily banned in India and single-handedly challenged an online propaganda campaign.

Over 100,000 views

Nudity, Niqab and the illusion of ‘free choice’ – Bina Shah
364 comments later, the niqab debate rages on.

Over 50,000 views

An open letter to Maya Khan – Mehreen Kasana
An online campaign, a real-world change - the internet emerges as the Pakistan's media watchdog.

Mathira’s wardrobe malfunction: Nudity or modernity? – Hani Taha
Where is Pakistan's culture headed? A “s*** happens” moment in perspective.

Over 30,000 views

Why porn is popular in Pakistan – Aneka Chohan
Pornography is a vile and loathsome form of material and one of Pakistan's great problems?

Trading sex on Zamzama – Hammad Sarfraz
"Liberal sensibilities rudely disturbed" - what to make of the world's oldest profession?

The Islamic university where girls were raped – Nadir el Edroos
"it seems quite acceptable that a male figure trading sex for favours is not only acceptable, but worthy of protection and a cover up."

Burma killings: Think before you point fingers – Shehlah Zahiruddin
Who do we blame? A touch of grey in a black and white world.

Because I’m a lesbian – Anonymous 2
"Being a lesbian in Pakistan is like committing a crime."

Maya Khan, apology not accepted – Jahanzaib Haque
I had hoped never to see Maya appear on a TV screen again - I was wrong.

December 21, 2012: The end of the world? – Ali Awais Amin
The end of the world that came...and went.

Offended by a veiled woman holding a bra? – Bina Shah
"Why would anyone find this picture offensive in the first place?"

The truth about Agha Waqar’s water car kit – Faraz Ahmed
Busted online, lauded in traditional media. Are you a believer?

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