10 things to do before the year ends

Before the arrival of the new year; dissolve any bitter recalls, discard misunderstandings and declare unspoken love!

Masoodah Mohamed December 29, 2012
The curtains to the year 2012 are slowly drawing upon us. Another year will be soon stored as a box of dusty memories in the shelves of our hearts. Before the arrival of the New Year, dissolve any bitter recalls, discard misunderstandings and declare unspoken love that is buried deep within your heart!

Here are 10 things to do before this year ends:

  1. Visit your parents

For those who are not so lucky to be living with the ones who gave you life and soaking up their duas, before the year ends please spend time with them, thank them and express your love for them!

  1. Discard misunderstandings

Whether it was a fight with a sibling or a friend, forget it, let it go! Don’t drag bitter feelings into a new year! Apologise and feel alleviated from the burden you’ve been carrying around!

  1. Say I love you

Busy schedules, monotonous routines and mere lack of appreciation make us forget just how precious our spouses and loved ones are to us. Express your love and appreciation to them and remember that they are your better half, your companions in Jannah and half of your own faith.

  1. Have a family get together

Chachas, mamoos, phuppis, khaloos (uncles and aunts) may be scattered far apart for the sake of their jobs. This is the best opportunity to bond, catch up and make masti (mischief) with your cousins! I promise you, the smile on your daadis (grandmother) face, seeing all her children and grandchildren together, will be priceless!

  1. Be generous!

Whether it is summer or winter in your part of the world, there are always people less fortunate than you are. While you may be in a celebratory mood, others may be in discomfort. Donate your old clothes and toys to shelters and charity homes- make someone’s day and put a smile on someone’s face. With that smile- I promise you- you will feel like you are on the top of the world.

  1. Volunteer and help make the less fortunate feel loved!

During the holidays, many organisations are in need of volunteers. Donating ‘yourself’ to a worthy cause is even more rewarding! Feed the poor, visit sick children or spend your time creating awareness about something that is close to your heart. That is what you call time well spent.

  1. Be grateful!

After seeing the plight of those suffering, thank God for all that you have. Thank Him for everything that happened this year, the good and the bad. Ask Allah (SWT) for strength to deal with whatever awaits in the following year.

  1. Do what you love and do it now!

Exams, studying, family commitments and business deals make it impossible for us to enjoy the little things in life. So relax, take a step back, and leave what you are doing and just breathe. Play a sport, paint, read a good book or bake!

  1. Declare your love before it’s too late

We’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again; if you love someone, tell them! You don’t know what the next year holds, they might be someone else’s; they might be in another country- anything could happen. But the worst feeling is regret; you don’t want to be sitting and crying, thinking ‘Kaash agar main unko bata deita’ (I wish I had told them.)

  1. Stop believing in hoax prophecies

We are less than three days away from 2013, so let’s welcome it with everything we have!

Just remember, people who you love might not be with you next year, so express your love to them now and cherish them till you have them! Savour each moment, strive to be a better human being and live in the present!

This was just my top 10 but feel free to add on to the list- inspiration is something that never tires one out and is always always needed.
Masoodah Mohamed An undergraduate student completing her Bachelors in Medical Science, who loves to read, write blogs and participate in community service.
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Ali Mohsin | 11 years ago | Reply Well, i read this blog after new year but i think i missed i missed all the fun with family and good friends because i am not with and i know this the best way to welcome your new life.. Start new 365 pages books and first page should be like that
Sarah | 11 years ago | Reply Point 9 is biased !
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