Aisam-ul-Haq is my hero!

It did not go down as we all hoped but it doesn't matter. Aisam, Bopanna we salute you – thank you for making both our countries proud.

Jahanzaib Haque September 10, 2010
It did not go down as we all hoped against the Bryans at the US Open, but it doesn’t make a difference.

Aisam-ul-Haq is my new national hero and his partnership with Rohan Bopanna has shown us just what India and Pakistan can jointly achieve if we look beyond our differences and recognize what binds us together – and what better place to learn that lesson than on a tennis court.

Cricket has let us down, hockey has near-faded from memory and football has yet to emerge, but Aisam has shown us that with enough courage, integrity and hard work, our country is capable of producing people of caliber whom the whole world can look up to, regardless of the challenges we may face along the way (Tennis in Pakistan? Who would have thought!). Here’s hoping to seeing some of that same passion in other fields as well.

Aisam, Bopanna we salute you – thank you for making both our countries proud, thank you for giving us something to smile about on Eid and thank you for giving our nation’s aspirations the much-needed injection of hope.

You are both winners in my books. And 10,000 adoring fans on Twitter agree with me!

@stupefy: We are not terrorists, we are peace loving country and we want peace in the world as much as you guys want." - Aisam #Pakistan

@FiveRupees: Aisam for President/PM/Army chief/Chief Justice! Yeah!

@meAmna Aisam for President & Prime minister and whatever comes in between!!! Aisam Qureshi we love u! Great man, even better Pakistani!

@Saba_Imtiaz Seriously, cut funding to cricket and give it to tennis players like Aisam. What a great match.

@alzeee:What a beautiful example of how we can improve our image just by playing sports. #PakTennis #Aisam#USOpen

hassaan_a standing ovation for Aisam -ul-Haq and Rohan Bopanna! have made us so proud!! :) we want to see more of him! n brilliant comments about Pak

MominaKhawar Tomorrow is Eid and 9/11 anniversary. Aisamtook perfect advantage to help us clear out our differences. Thank you Aisam xx

@kaalakawaa: Well done Aisam and Bopanna! It's so nice to actually be proud of your sportsmen.
Jahanzaib Haque The writer is web editor, The Express Tribune
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Hameed | 13 years ago | Reply amazing how one man can change the perception and sports. Great job Aisam. You have provided the fuel for future aisam's of this country.
afsheen | 13 years ago | Reply dear u r da hero..........hero of mothers example 4 brothers love 4 sisters &pride 4 fathers ..............u r da best keep up the spirit
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