Yes, I still love going to the circus!

You will fall in love with the women at the circus. They refute all artificial boundaries imposed on women's rights.

Rabia Razzaque December 07, 2012
The memories of visiting a circus as a child have been my fondest to date. Only my mom, dad and I used to go, because my older siblings (three of them) thought it was a waste of time. Dad used to say the circus was reality TV of its day. Some of its features could be unsavoury, pandering to base urges and ignoble impulses.

For a commoner, a circus show at one time was more eagerly awaited than a national holiday.

Along with being the most-anticipated form of entertainment, the circus was also viewed with some trepidation. Fires had broken out in many circus tents and the animals escaped creating havoc. Pickpockets abounded and circus workers occasionally lost their lives while putting on a show. It was not unusual for a small community to lose a couple of its youngsters to the travelling extravaganza that pulled from out of town.

The spring festivity, rich bright colours and loud music at the Lucky Irani Circus was not any less than how my imagination pictured Disney Land.

People travelled by a wagon from the suburbs of Islamabad (the capital, where entertainment and fun has been driven away due to security measures) to get a glimpse of the artists, to laugh at the clowns and marvel at the ferocious animals that yielded to a daring trainer’s will.

I got my chance at the age of 28 to visit a circus again! Men and women of this age usually arrange lavish dinners at exquisite restaurants and plan trips to Hawaii.

My destination was Alipur, a place 130 km ahead of Muzafargarh, Punjab and I couldn't have been more excited!