Who tops Pakistan news on social media? (II)

Geo News Urdu and Samaa TV lead on Facebook. Tribune maintains dominance over Twitter.

Jahanzaib Haque November 08, 2012
More Facebook pages and better engagement on existing ones seem to be the key trends among Pakistan’s media groups as they battle it out for social media supremacy.

While the need to grow in terms of sheer numbers of followers on Facebook and Twitter is still a primary goal, almost all the online media groups have been trying (with varying degrees of success) to increase engagement, particularly on Facebook via visual web rules:

  • Share photos instead of links. Images have better engagement levels.

  • Take a message (or news story) and make it visual.

Now that a number of the media groups are reaching followers upwards of 100,000, the issue of how to best share the huge amounts of information being generated online is also becoming paramount. Just to give you an example, The Express Tribune website publishes close to 120-140 stories per day, excluding blogs, slideshows and videos!

Some groups are trying out the ‘share everything as it’s published on the one page’ approach on Facebook. Personal opinion: bombarding people with 10+ posts in an hour is intrusive and annoying.

Some are diversifying their social network presence by offering multiple Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for their various desks/brands, and having those accounts share content specific to their desk/brand. Personal opinion: its early days but this is the way to go.

As the Pakistani user base on social media grows (and it’s growing fast), more people will want more options in terms of content, and niche pages and Twitter accounts will begin to gain traction, perhaps forming smaller, stronger communities as compared to the larger accounts for the mainstream news brands.

Anyway, enough talk about trends! Let’s see how the various media groups are doing online as compared to the report I did six months ago.

Jang Group

In the last six months, the Geo English page has grown from 116,465 followers to 135,689 followers as of November 4. That is an increase of 19,224 followers. Its ‘Talking about this’ metric (a measure of how much conversation/stories are being generated by a page in a one week span) was a low 2,779 in May, and is now a similarly low 4,844.

The Geo Urdu page has grown from 132,114 followers to a whopping 224,147 followers. That is an increase of 92,033 followers! Was it advertising on Facebook that paid off? Is it the fact that the page is doing posts in the Urdu language? Is it the promotion of the page being carried out on TV that is paying off? Either way, this is the second largest increase of any Facebook page in the last six months (See Samaa TV below). The Urdu page’s talking about this metric has grown from 6,192 to 26,088, suggesting this page is doing something right.

The Daily Jang page has grown from 63,518 followers to 121,655 and increased its talking about this metric from 3,520 to 18,490 (again, doing something right). The English daily, The News has lagged behind however, growing from 33,919 followers to 48,436 and from 1,033 talking about this to a still low 2,224.

The Geo News English Twitter account had 16,678 followers in May, and now boasts 25,225 followers. That is a decent growth of 8,547 followers. The account’s Klout score (Klout is an online analytics company that measures an account’s social influence by using Twitter data) has grown from 52 to a high 77.

Express Media Group

The Express News page has grown from 108,057 followers with 2,687 talking about this to 138,860 followers and a low 3,630 talking about this. That is a gain of 30,803 followers.

The Express Tribune page has grown from 109,241 followers with 4,546 talking about this to 138,053 likes and a significantly better 11,052 talking about this. The page gained 28,812 followers.

Express News’ Twitter account climbed from 13,509 followers with a Klout of 46 to 22,946 followers with a Klout of 68.

The Express Tribune Twitter account grew from 20,016 followers with a Klout of 64 to 32,793 followers with a Klout of 84.

Dawn Media Group

The Dawn.com Facebook page has grown from 58,842 followers with 894 talking about this to 91,638 followers and a low 2,371 talking about this. That is a gain of 32,796 followers in six months.

The Dawn News Facebook page currently has 135,152 likes and 3,901 talking about this.

The Dawn.com Twitter account has grown from 9,725 followers with a Klout of 61, to 26,645 followers with a Klout of 67.

The Dawn News Twitter account has grown from 13,164 followers with a Klout of 42, to 18,929 followers with a Klout of 45.

Samaa TV

Facebook likes: 92,524

Talking about this: 9,806

Twitter followers: 4,427

Klout: 41
Samaa TV

Facebook likes: 232,186

Talking about this: 18,607

Twitter followers: 5,747

Klout: 50
Aaj TV

Facebook likes: 69,264

Talking about this: 2,131

Twitter followers: 4,043

Klout: 45
Aaj TV

Facebook likes: 96,204

Talking about this: 3,817

Twitter followers: 8,599

Klout: 51
Dunya TV

Facebook likes: 30,685

Talking about this: 2,412

Twitter followers: 3,215

Klout:  28
Dunya TV

Facebook likes: 61,826

Talking about this: 11,526

Twitter followers: 5,490

Klout: 54
Pakistan Today

Facebook likes: 17,609

Talking about this: 1,492

Twitter followers: 1,155

Klout: 36
Pakistan Today

Facebook likes: 30,027

Talking about this: 1,287

Twitter followers: 1,902

Klout: 49
The Nation

Facebook likes: 17,805

Talking about this: 801

Twitter followers: 3,493

Klout: 49
The Nation

Facebook likes: 27,592T

alking about this: 867

Twitter followers: 4,489

Klout: 50

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Social Media Marketing | 11 years ago | Reply Hi, Thanks for sharing this information; It was quite interesting to see the data & facts of the social media in our lives. So, Samaa TV i in the winning mode.
Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi | 11 years ago | Reply Numbers are good indicators of reach of the brands and their pages, however it doesn't say anything about the effectiveness of the content. For news related Facebook and Twitter pages/accounts, gain of 20k followers in few months is a good indicator of increasing reach and (probably) improvement in content sharing. At the same time we should also remember that the content shared by these Facebook pages will not be seen by all of their followers. Content filtering that reduces clutter from your Home Page makes sure to show you content from roughly 150 contacts and pages on regular basis and few from remaining contacts and pages with whom you interact infrequently. The increase in Urdu content is also a welcome sign. The increase in numbers is significant but doesn't really mean that Pakistanis prefer Urdu content on websites. It may also mean that it is easier for them keep track because majority of us find it easy to read Urdu than English, not forgetting that a significant majority consider heavy English-leaning Pakistanis to be pseudo-intellectuals, thus electing to read Urdu mainstream content online with which they can easily relate with. At the end I would say good share, though better matrices could be used to show analysis rather than the default "Talking About This" matrice which is considered an insufficient indicator by most industry analysts.
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