We play the blame game while the Balochi's suffer, why?

In Balochistan, no one is available to ask about the woes of those whose near and dear ones are missing.

Rashid Ali October 25, 2012
Balochistan is a gateway for the development of Pakistan. The treasures hidden here, if unearthed and utilised properly, can bring prosperity and help overcome the woes of both Pakistan and its people.

The enemies of Pakistan are aware of this and through different tactics — kidnappings, killings and terrorist attacks — are fuelling lawlessness in the province. Their actions have sowed hatred among the Baloch people. All this did not happen overnight but took years, rather decades.

It is a testament to the failure of our power hungry rulers, whether they are in the center or in the provinces. Not one among them has done anything to heal the wounds of the province.

Now that the great game has begun in Balochistan, it is useless to lament over the opportunities that have been lost. Even today, in this worsening situation, no one is available to work sincerely for Balochistan. The politicians, sardars, chaudhries, waderas and many others are blowing their own trumpets. Parliamentarians on both sides of the divide are not ready to host a round table because each of them have different opinions and therefore, different solutions to their problems.

Even today, the sardars and others are silent on the issue of honour killings and other brutal acts. No one is available to ask about the woes of those whose near and dear ones are missing. Those who are said to be ruling Balochistan are, more often than not, found in Islamabad in luxury hotels or remain abroad and when asked about the situation in Balochistan, become furious and resort to blaming others. Those who have been ruling Balochistan are responsible for its plight. If Balochistan is backward and undeveloped today; if there is illiteracy, ignorance and poverty, then it is because of the leaders of the province.

Let us first look out for the real representatives of Balochistan who really care about the province and then talk to them .The so-called representatives are in fact unaware about the pathetic condition of the province. These leaders are blackmailing the state organs.

The people of Balochistan are as sincere and trustworthy as other people of this country. They will probably only get their rights when politicians stop playing their dirty tricks.
Rashid Ali Attock Correspondent for The Express Tribune.
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