I am 12 years old and I wish there was no child labour!

The evil man brutally pressed the pliers on the boy’s eyelid. We tried to stop him but nothing worked.

Ajay Dawani October 07, 2012
Yesterday, I went to my friend’s house to play. We wanted to go cycling on the road in his neighbourhood.

Since, there was no air in the tyres we had to go to the cycle tyre shop. We went to the nearest cycle shop which was at Saba Avenue. We had to stand in line to get it fixed.

On our turn, an 11-year-old boy started fixing the puncture. While he was fixing it he noticed that the brake wire was also broken. When he had fixed the two punctures he turned the cycle around to fix the wire. While he was fixing it he needed pliers to tighten the wire.

While he was busy tightening it another man came who needed to fix his motorcycle handle. He asked that small boy;
Yeh plas mujhe abhi doh

(Give me those pliers right now)

That small boy refused saying;
Yeh cycle mien abhi bana raha hoon, jab khatam kar liya hai phir le lena, ya waha plas para hooa hai wo le lo”

(I am fixing this cycle at the moment, when I have finished you can take them then, or there is another one lying there, you can take that.)

That cruel man became angry and kicked the boy really hard on his back. That poor small boy who was wearing dirty black clothes filled with mud ignored him and continued to fix our cycle.

Then that man kicked that small boy again, harder this time. The boy ignored it again.

Then the cruel maniac said;
“Ye plas abhi do warna mein tumhe aur zyada maroo ga”

(Give me these pliers now or I will beat you more)

The polite little boy ignored him.

The boy took a stool from the other corner to sit on, tired, sad and miserable. Picking up the pliers, the evil man charged to where the boy was sitting and roughly pressed the pliers on the boy’s eyelid.

The sad little boy, now scared started crying, but nobody in that neighbourhood cared. We were trying to tell that evil cruel maniac to stop doing that to a poor helpless boy, but we were scared that he might start hitting us.

We felt very sorry for that small boy.

Alas, we could not help him.

We wished that there could have been some law to prevent this child labour. This boy should have been in school instead of facing such gross brutalities by his customers.

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