Please, don't abandon me now

I walked so proud. I did stand tall. Won’t you help me with this tragic fall?

Raja Ghulam Rasool October 19, 2012
Against all odds, I came this far,

I shed my blood, I fought my war,

My story is written in each and every scar.

But it looks like now,

Whatever I’ve been through

Whatever I’ve faced has taken its toll,

And here I lie with an embattled soul.

In this moment of pain,

I look towards you,

And I realise that you,

You turn away your eyes.

And just as you walk away,

I muster my strength,

Just enough to say,

“Don’t turn your back,

Don’t give up on me,”

Agony has seeped deep within me.

Distress has engulfed every inch of me.

My wounds are deep,

My breath is shallow,

But don’t tell me,

That my chances are low.

Do you forget the odds I defied?

Despite everything I have survived.

I walked so proud,

I did stand tall,

Won’t you help me,

With this tragic fall?

I might not die while my hope is alive,

One more time, can we strive?

All I want from you is just one more try,

And your belief in me.

Don’t turn your back,

Don’t give up on me.

With love,

Yours truly,

Yours forever,


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Raja Ghulam Rasool A software industry professional based in Abu Dhabi. He tweets as @ghulamrasool1 (
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