We don't need Shahid Afridi

Retire with dignity Afridi; go while you still hold the nation’s heart.

Zahra Peer Mohammed September 05, 2012
Yesterday news broke that Shahid Afridi had injured the webbing of his hand and might not be able to play the first two matches of the Twenty20 series against Australia. Having sustained two stitches to his thumb, Afridi has managed t0 split the hearts of many in Pakistan. A collective sigh was heard as the news broke and the nation slumped into depression.

Having lost the ODI series to Australia, morale was already low, but with Afridi probably out, we are a cinch to lose to T20 series too.

What a bummer. Who is going to Boom boom on the field?

Yes, it is a grave tragedy indeed. With Afridi gone, who is going to make our hearts flutter as he walks on to the field? Who is going to play a game of havoc with our emotions, taking us on a dramatic journey of incredibly high hopes to the rock bottom feelings of despair all in 60 seconds when he gets out for a duck again?

Weren’t we all relying on him a few days ago in the ODI against Australia when he proudly walked onto the field at number three to up our run-rate, only to be shown the boot at seven?

How many times has the great Lala done this to us?

Just look at the statistics of the last ten matches he has played. You know what, don’t even bother – let me sum it up for you. He scored under 10 runs with three ducks in the last ten matches played. Now I’m no cricket guru but even I can tell you that this hardly qualifies as ‘good’, let alone something an entire nation should depend on.

You might say that Afridi has evolved into more of a bowler than a batsman over the years. To this, all I have to say is look at the last ten matches he played; he has taken a grand total of six wickets! Yes, he may have saved our skin before in other matches, but then why does our team not recognise him as more of a bowler than a batsman?

Moreover, why doesn’t Lala speak up and say that he just can’t bat anymore?

Maybe we all have our hopes set on him breaking his own record of the fastest hundred – I don’t know what it is and I don’t know why we keep turning our eyes, shining with hope to this man who is now past his prime.

I understand that everybody has bad days, but don’t you think our laadla Afridi has way more bad days than good?

I once read somewhere that there was nothing more depressing than seeing Frank Sinatra singing past his time. I didn’t truly relate then as I am not a Sinatra fan. However, seeing Afridi constantly struggle on the field, I can say with certainty that there is nothing more depressing than seeing our once-legend, our golden boy, Afridi trying to revive the youth that he once possessed.

My Twitter friend stated yesterday after I tweeted:

Zahra Peer @Zahrapeer

Is it really such a tragedy if #Afridi won't be able to play in the World T20? What does he contribute in any case?

Aleem Zubair ‏@aleemzubair

batting wise yes, inconsistent. Aur mohabbat mien dil toa toot'ta he hai :p

I’m just sick of having my heart broken. Accuse me of blasphemy or say whatever, but I just think Afridi needs to call it a day and give our other talented youngsters a chance to shine. He needs to realise that now; sadly, all he adds to our team is good looks. Unfortunately, this is not enough.

Retire with dignity Afridi; go while you still hold the nation’s heart.

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alina | 11 years ago | Reply very nice prson
Mariam Anwar | 11 years ago | Reply Sorry Zahra i am totally against you ...! You Really don't know who afridi is ..... ???? or may be you have forgotten what he previously did for this country?? ONLY BECAUSE OF HIM there is a hope among all Pakistanis that we will win .... I agree these are bad days for him but this doesn't mean we stop supporting him and start blaming him for every mistake he makes. instead of this we should start encouraging him and should show respect for him after all he is our hero. he is the senior player who can guide the younger players. He is that role model whom people are still following. we should not forget all those sixes he made previously for our country to win. You really have no idea people still like him and support him. He is our BOOM BOOM. Don't know why some people are lacking patience or may be they don't have any cricket sense at all. It is because of him people watch cricket and before he come everyone shouts like crazy LALaa aaggaayaaa !! in all other countries if any batsman or bowler makes mistakes the people of that country starts encouraging and supporting them more and more so why cant we?? In the end just wanted to say that we should all RESPECT him.
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