Seven 'little wins' that make my day!

These wins may not affect me directly, but it makes my day just to see that good people exist out there!

Alaa Memon September 05, 2012
I truly enjoy the small things in life. You know, the ‘choti choti khushiyan’. The other day one of these things, I call them ‘little wins’, happened and it got me thinking about the little wins that we all get and about what mine are specifically.

So, these are just the little things that somehow can turn a bad day around on a dime:

1. I can't stress how excited I get when I grab a soda from one of the vending machines or coolers at a supermarket and I pop it open, only to find it is partially frozen!

It's like having built-in ice cubes. I especially love when a chunks of thawed  ice comes out when you take a sip and you have to crunch the ice as loud as possible.


Just because, that's why!

2. I enjoy playing basketball and making shots from half court is great. However, when I am in a room and throw a piece of garbage into the trash bin that is half way across the room, and the trash makes it in, it's such an indescribable achievement!

It's in that moment that I truly feel like Michael Jordan!

The fact that I threw a piece of trash and successfully landed it in the bin is one of the top moments of my life. Now, let's not think about what that says about my life, let's just consider it a little win which I absolutely love.

3. That feeling when you start your car and you hear a favourite song of yours playing on the radio. Its perfect timing and just makes your day!

You smile and crank up the volume of your favourite tune, thinking, what luck that I happened to turn the radio on.

4. One of my favourite things is what I call ‘delayed laughter’. It's when you hear something funny but it doesn't register for maybe a minute and then finally, you burst out laughing uncontrollably. It's doubly funny because you end up laughing at the joke, and your stupidity at not understanding it right away. Truly the best feeling ever!

5. Following up on the little win mentioned above, I love it when I make people laugh embarrassingly loud. Like, so loud they start to have that emphysema type cough afterwards and usually let out a long sigh afterwards. Definite little win.

6. Toddlers tend to live in a world of their own, and rarely do they listen to their parents or anyone else minding them. I'm not a mom yet, but I did on occasion mind my little cousin who was in her ‘terrible twos’ stage. However, much to my surprise, she would sometimes listen to what I asked her to do, instead of responding with her normal,


7. Having grown up in Ireland, I can safely say that Irish people live up to the stereotype of them being a friendly, cheerful race. Being a student, I travel via bus and/or train every day. During those groggy moments in the morning whilst travelling, I enjoy nothing more than witnessing random acts of kindness taking place.

Quite often it happens that an elderly person or a pregnant woman steps onto the bus or train and simultaneously two or three people get off their seats and offer them to that person.

Now, this doesn't affect me directly, but it makes my day seeing that good people exist, and that there may be hope for humanity yet.

So, what are your little wins?
Alaa Memon A Finance student who secretly wishes to live the Bohemian lifestyle of a writer.
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Zeeshan | 11 years ago | Reply taking out dried boogers from your nose !
Fizza | 11 years ago | Reply Excellent effort. You must be a very happy and contented person because you know the art of living in this world. Have a happy and winning life. and Thanks for reminding me the little things in my life that makes me happy.
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