Vo Jang: Take strength from Faiz Pakistan

We all wish to see a ray of hope and this will only come about through sacrifice and the strength of our convictions.

Rehman Taimur September 06, 2012
As a director, the making of ‘Vo Jang’ was one of the hardest feats that I have ever had to complete. I went through hours of grave contemplating, thinking, and absorbing the gruesomeness of the status quo of Pakistan.

At times, the experience became so overwhelming that I would break down completely. Nevertheless, some things have to be said and some brutalities have to be faced. Evil has to be confronted and demons have to be fought even if it all comes at the price of standing on the verge of losing your sanity.

Vo Jang’ is a beautiful albeit saddening piece of poetry by Faiz Ahmed Faiz, coupled with the sheer melodic talent of ‘Laal’. It is a montage of heart-wrenching images of sufferers, as well as pictures that give rise to hope; photos of Pakistani heroes.

It pains me to say that many Pakistanis are still confused about the extremists that have brought so much suffering upon us. They either believe that much of this is exaggerated, mythical, or is being done at the behest of foreign powers in order to justify or extend Afghanistan's occupation.

The fact remains that extremism has roots within our own society. Regardless of what happens with respect to the US presence in Afghanistan, we have to recognise that we'll have to face this problem with our own strength and for our own sake. It is a reminder that we must stop hoping for someone dependable to help us all the time.

With the recent escalation of attacks and other incidents of intolerance, I feel that it is all the more necessary that we understand the utterly destructive nature of these forces and come together to struggle for a progressive Pakistan.

Confronting this fascist enemy is the most important task for the people of Pakistan today. I hope that this music video will be able to contribute in that struggle by fortifying our resolve to overcome all difficulties, and all physical or emotional barriers in our path.

We all wish to see an umeed-e-sahar (ray of hope) for Pakistan, and that will only come about through sacrifice, struggle and the strength of our convictions.

In the end, however, I am confident that spring will come and wash away all our sins and sorrows.

As Pablo Neruda put it:
You can crush all the flowers but you cannot stop the spring.

Laal’s new video is on the trials, tribulations, and sacrifices of the people of Pakistan of diverse faiths and ethnic backgrounds, in the struggle against extremism in our society.

When you feel all is lost, when your mind, body and spirit are stretched to the breaking point, take strength from the impassioned words of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Take strength Pakistan, and fight for a progressive future.

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Rehman Taimur He heads an IT company with the name of Webmekanics, and has a focus on social issues. He is also actively involved in training & Urdu story-telling. He tweets @taimurbhai
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