Usain Bolt: The fastest man in the world

Usain Bolt has been consistent - a trait which truly speaks of his genius.

Kinza Tahir August 12, 2012
Reaching your full potential is indeed commendable, but surpassing that potential and performing out of your capacity is just plain extraordinary.

The world recently got to witness this in the form of Usain Bolt, also known as "Lightning Bolt". This remarkable athlete has proven that there are, indeed, no speed limits on the road to excellence - literally. He has amazed us once again by winning gold in the 100m and 200m races at the London Olympics 2012.

Bolt previously won gold in both of these races at the last Olympics as well, which were held in Beijing, and has thus won in two Olympics held consecutively.

At the end of his race in the Beijing Olympics, Bolt could be seen screaming "I am number one!". He isn't scared of boasting about his unmatched ability and why should he be? Suffice to say that hard work truly does pay off. Before you will finish reading this sentence, Usain Bolt would have already won a 100m race! Just 9.63 seconds ─ can you even begin to imagine?

The way Bolt craves attention and how he gets it is very attractive. He has shown the world that confidence comes with practice and that sports does not need just luck but a tremendous amount of hard work too. Even the most uninspired of people can gain immense inspiration and courage from seeing this man's passion for what he does. Be if before his race or after it, Bolt is always seen exuding positivity and his body language shows how open he is for challenges. His stance is truly intimidating.

Being Jamaican, he was a supporter of the Pakistani cricket team in his childhood, Waqar Younis being his favourite bowler. This shows that he is an appreciator of good sportsmanship, be it from anywhere in the world.

The gold medallist has truly shown everyone how, if you have the right motivation and abilities, you can be successful. Starting his career as a sprinter at an early age of 16, Bolt has won numerous silver and gold medals in various championships, and deservedly so. Coming from a humble background, with his parents modest grocers, this man has shown the world that greatness can be achieved from any strata of society.

Watching the YouTube clip of his victory over and over again makes me agonisingly envious of the lucky spectators who got to watch him 'fly' live. What I love the most is that special pose Bolt likes to strike for his fans - it is so true to his character in that it is full of attitude and victory.

People like Lightning Bolt are inspiring to the core. They have opened doors for many who dared to just dream. This victory has only confirmed that he is a legend and he is here to stay. Not surprisingly, I am not his only fan; Bolt has admirers of all ages and from all countries who just cannot get enough of him. This was adequately displayed in the overwhelming zeal of the crowd that came out to support him.

I hope we get to see him in the next Olympics sprinting even faster, breaking all his previous records. Usain Bolt has been consistent - a trait which truly speaks of his genius, as winning once is easy, but maintaining your status at the top is the real challenge.

From an ardent fan, Usain Bolt, you are my hero.


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Kinza Tahir The author is currently pursing studies in Media Sciences.
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