I'll wait for you

Your smile, I yearned to receive, but watched, helplessly and reluctantly, leave.

Aneka Chohan August 27, 2012
The look of anguish on your face,

As you ran away from my embrace,

My mind and heart cannot forget,

And yearns for the affection I deserve to get.


The way you left; the car drove away,

My days became dark and grey.

My eyes desperately searched and followed you,

And the desire for a loving look grew.


My whispered goodbye; you did not hear?

Nor the way my heart began to tear?

Hot tears burning in my eyes, you did not see?

Nor the desperation I held in my plea?


Your smile, I yearned to receive,

But watched, helplessly and reluctantly, leave,

Their argument ripped us apart,

The painful moment piercing me like a dart.


I call you; craving to hear your voice

Waiting when you’ll call, the moment I’ll rejoice,

In my room, I sit all alone, upset and broken,

remembering that necklace you gifted me; your love token.


One day, our parted ways shall meet,

And, together, every trial and tribulation we will defeat.

We shall find each other again once more,

Forgetting the separation and distances we suffered before.


So, my darling, that day is not far away,

when, in your arms, I will lay.

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Aneka Chohan The author is a freelance journalist and human rights activist. She tweets as @anekachohan (https://twitter.com/anekachohan)
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