Let them eat cake

Greedy, no, impoverished. Eyes eat up more than goes in the mouth. At the end of the day, let them eat cake.

Maryam Mirza September 03, 2012
Files outside broken doors,

Head counts reach to thousands,

Hands spread,

Arms outstretched,

For food,


(Weaponry exchanges hands)

And still,

Waiting for more.


Greedy, no,


Eyes eat up more,

Than goes in the mouth.

At the end of the day,

Let them eat cake.


But at the turn,

The dreams peek through,

Stolen glances.

The daring hope,

(The bird still perched)

We're silent amidst the noise of our revolt.


At the end of the day,

Our blood is still green.

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Maryam Mirza A freshman at Kinnaird College for Women, majoring in Media Studies.
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manoj | 11 years ago | Reply Maryam, Critique:- a> The commas at the end of each line take away a little something from the idea of free verse. You may want to avoid them. b> The lines in parenthesis can also be spared. If you read the poem without the lines in parenthesis, there is better clarity and cadence. c> Afterthought: The parenthesis idea could work better [in free verse] if you maintained a similar stream of thought that linked them separately. Here, 'Weapons' and 'Revolution' follow the same thought but the 'bird of peace' flies in the other direction. A very good effort, overall. Hope to read more.
John B | 11 years ago | Reply "At the end of the day, our blood is still green " That is the problem and your glances in eyes have no life in it. What happened to the white blood at the end of the day?
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