Where is Batman?

It feels like there is a pregnant cloud of gloom and bad prophecies waiting to unleash more lightning bolts. What we need is a Batman. Stop smirking, I’m serious.

Atika Rehman September 04, 2010

Governments have come and governments have gone; the alluring power has warmed the seats of civilians and generals alike. Heads of state have been blatantly accused of corruption, dishonesty and misappropriation of funds. Ahmadis have been denied relief and bullet-riddled bodies have overcrowded morgues in Karachi hospitals. It feels like there is a pregnant cloud of gloom and bad prophecies waiting to unleash more lightning bolts.

What we need is a Batman. Stop smirking, I’m serious. But before you think I’m crazy, let me clarify that I am speaking metaphorically.

Unlike most superheroes, Batman possesses no special powers, and his abilities are reflective of his intellect, wealth and innate sense of justice only. In this respect, a Caped Crusader is the man of the hour for Pakistan, because not only will people aspire to be like him since he is not a Godsend, his regular life (much like that of Bruce Wayne) will keep him in touch with reality and the plight of his people.

Wearing a mask is another prerequisite, because that will mean that before Muhajirs, Punjabis, Sindhis, Balochis and Pakhtuns can think of him as a bhai representing solely their respective interests, they will view him to be a Pakistani. He will be looked at as the saviour of Pakistan, a national knight, instead of a provincial one. So the mystery is definitely a bonus.

Having said that, I’ll admit that there may be a problem with the Bat-Signal; Batman is not telepathic, nor is he a person with multi-scopic vision. He relies on the police of Gotham city to activate a searchlight that he responds to, but doesn’t know about the crimes taking place in every shady corner of the city. In a utopian world, Pakistan’s law enforcers and Batman will form a coalition force that will make any criminal shudder in fear, and together rid the country of many evils. Maybe for the time being, the media can be the one that draws attention to crime scenes?

Atika Rehman
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does it matter | 13 years ago | Reply @Mr. Baig: let me start by writing im no writer! and that ur statement is just another example of people talking about what they dont know!!! just to put some things out there!!! you dont knowanything!(with all due respect to you) about Batman read the books, and you'll find out the author is right in more ways than one. the whole point was to inspire people to stand up to the injustices of the city. the whole point of the mask was to show it wasnt a rich guy or a poor guy doing it, just a guy!! in that world he is the head of one of the biggest conglomerates rivaled only by lex luthor(bad guy for your information) and he sponsors numerous charity foundations (cares only about justice!!) and the whole playboy thing is just a disguise as someone put it Bruce Wayne is the mask not Batman!! And dude Leave the girl be, if you cant help her become better, then curb you're rant!! and to the author the only reason i seem to be with you is coz nobody disses the BAT!!
Javed | 13 years ago | Reply Only Batman can pop up (hopefully in a nick of time) to save our day(pakistan's, that is) but will the Batman survive the GHQ?
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