Moments before death

No to-do lists. No important business. No homework. No rush to conquer the world. Just light and peace.

T Hassan August 04, 2012
 Screeching tires. A blood curdling scream. A crash.


Laughter. Small hands holding on tight. The world going round and round. Grass. Hair. A hill. Joy.


Whispers. A touch. A look. Bliss.

“Mommy, catch me!”

Feet stomping. Squeals of delight. A hug.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Sunset. Sand. Water. Family. Serenity.
“We are going to lose her.”

Light. And peace.

No to-do lists. No important business. No homework. No rush to conquer the world.

The few seconds, in which her life flashed before her eyes, carried just one thing- the purest moments of simply ‘being’.


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