Comic relief: A day at the circus

It is heartening to see people of all ages come together and just enjoy a night out.

Myra Iqbal September 19, 2012
Mounting security concerns in recent years have meant fewer opportunities for citizens to leave their homes without fear and festivals that were once a part of Islamabad’s culture have been far and few for these reasons. A few winters ago, a traveling circus came to the capital, bringing with it some comic relief and affordable entertainment. 

Here are the most memorable moments:

A vendor lures customers to his gol-gappa stall at the Saanwan Mela.

A young female acrobat is seen elevated in the air during an act.

A girl watches in rapt attention as the circus performances commence.

A lion parades lazily around a frail fenced structure for the safety of the enthralled audience during the final act.

An unattended child plays with an empty soda bottle.

Helpers form the backbone of the circus acts, providing the strength needed to hold flimsy props and ensure the safety of the acrobats.

A boy is seen absolutely mesmerised watching an act during the circus performance.

Acrobats are seen suspended from a rope in a brave act.

A performer entertains the audience by playing with fire.

A young girl lost in the performances searches for her parents during a break between acts.

A little girl buys a fan to fight the monsoon heat.

A man sells cold soda to a parched crowd.

Young boys climb atop the fence for a better view of the performances.

A father pacifies his child.

A young mother checks her phone while waiting with her children to buy tickets for a circus freak show.

Gory masks from the movie ‘scream’ hang over a stall as people walk past.

Children levitate on a trampoline at the Mela.

It is heartening to see people of all ages come together and just enjoy a night out. I hope Pakistan provides its people with many more opportunities to do so.

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Myra Iqbal The author is a photojournalist at The Express Tribune.
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Parvez | 11 years ago | Reply A picture is worth a thousand true.
Boss | 11 years ago | Reply lovely emotions have been captured! Good job Myra
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