Kill me, for I have spoken

Cross the road and you will die, speak your mind, and you will die, be human, yes, you still will die.

Hashim Numani June 13, 2012
Colour me red, paint me black,
brush me dead, back on track,
picture perfect, vivid deploy,
peace stagnant, you destroy.

Shoot everyone having a mind,
no eyes? Everyone’s very blind,
your arrogance and guns show,
the laws of the land will not go.

Cross the road and you will die,
stand and wait, and you will die,
speak your mind, and you will die,
be human, yes, you still will die.

Misunderstanding much? Oh please,
ideologies cliched, yes very much,
the land of the pure, bruised and cut,
apologists, please shut the hell up.

Conditional peace is always good?
Your side of the deal, oh it was fate,
heaven sent men, please go away,
for you, we have nothing but hate.

Colour me green, paint me brown,
ashes ashes, and we all fall down,
picture perfect, a convoluted crew,
I have spoken, will you kill me too?

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Hashim Numani A photo blogger who works for a Telecom company who loves to write and plays the guitar.
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Awais | 11 years ago | Reply As soon as I read the first line, I open a new tab (Youtube) listen to Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones, then finish and read the rest.
Saira | 11 years ago | Reply oh no, kill you they will not! They will colour you green and paint you white then hang you on a flagpole to rot.
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