Wings of hope: We've forgotten how to fly

Which car to buy next, what new horse to breed. It’s all about jewels, we’re blinded by greed.

Yousuf Bawany September 11, 2012
I reminisce the good times,
When we used to try,
Could barely walk straight,
But wanted to fly,

In capes and funky masks,
Jumping with all our might,
Dressed as superheroes,
Without a care in sight,

Not worrying about money,
Or having fancy cars,
Always aiming for the sky,
Always reaching for the stars,

We were young and fun,
Essentially free souls,
But time took it’s toll,
And, well, we grew old,

Now day in, day out,
We just worry about cash,
Where to get it from,
And where to put the stash,

Which car to buy next,
What new horse to breed,
It’s all about jewels,
We’re blinded by greed,

What used to matter most,
Now just makes no sense,
We run through our lives,
All edgy and tense,

We’ve shed our wings of hope,
I honestly don’t know why,
We do manage to walk,
But have forgotten to fly.

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