Unfathomable is He

When I was a kid, The mere existence of God, A being so Mighty, so Big, living in the skies, Used to make my head spin

T Hassan July 11, 2012
When I was a kid,
The mere existence of God,
A being so Mighty, so Big,
That it lived up in the skies,
Far away from my tiny little world,
Used to make my head spin.

It still makes my head spin today.

I still do not know how to understand Him,
Or find Him.
I do not claim to be a religious person,
I rarely pray.
Yet, there is something about being around nature,
That makes me feel close to Him.
It is a holy experience for me.

For me, prayer is, sitting under a tree.
Feeling the scales of an old weathered bark,
Touching the velvet of a flower petal,
Just breathing in, the summer breeze,
These are my rituals.
To accept,
That only He can create what He creates.
That there is no one like Him.
Never was.
Never will be.

I hear Him in the whispering wings of humming birds,
In the rustle of leaves,
The striking of thunder,
I see Him,
In every single blade of grass,
In the straight line of marching ants,
The intricacy of a spider’s web,
I see Him.

I feel Him, in the dewy chill of raindrops against my skin.
In a bee’s sting,
In the colours of the rainbow,
I know He’s there.
He is all around me.
He is everywhere.

And these are my vows,
To bow down to His existence,
His power;
Which is beyond what I can begin to imagine or understand,
He is unfathomable to me.

Still, I don’t know if He will accept my prayers,
My rituals,
Which are not the rituals I was taught to follow, if I wanted to ever find Him.
Yet, this is what my heart tells me;

You can spend your whole life looking for Him;
In mosques and churches,
In shrines and books,
When in fact, He lives all around you.

And once you understand that,
A new journey begins, to find Him within you.
Because in my heart of hearts,
There is a whisper,
Very faint,
Almost discernible;
"I live in you".

It all still makes my head spin.

I have a long way to go.

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T Hassan The author is a writer, dreamer, social activist and a Communications Major at California State University. She does Social Media and Marketing for various non-profit organizations and blogs at tabzy.wordpress.com/
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Rafia | 11 years ago | Reply Very beautifully written, brought tears to my eyes. Poetry doesnt necessarily have to have rhymes, and if one cud truly understand the 'short sentences', one wud realise what a beautiful piece of poetry this is. And lastly, Allah Talah is never referred to as Him as a gender, i wonder why people have to be so judge-mental without having any knowledge of what they are talking about. Why are we so quick to call sumone a mullah. How do consider urself to be liberal if u are so quick to raise fingers on others?? May Allah give us all hadayat, Ameen.
Qamber | 11 years ago | Reply actually God deals differently with different people...we all can find him...but He gives different paths to individuals, to reach him...some have to pray five times a day and some are blessed even without praying.....Its all God's master plan, otherwise we all would feel Him in the same way.
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