Stop the war

Stop the war before the world turns into a graveyard, stop the war before there aren’t any more tears to be shed.

Talal Khan Qaimkhani June 08, 2012
I dreamt of a destructed land last night,

Walked around and met a wounded child,

She was lying in between dead people,

It was the oasis last night, she said in a pained voice,

I was playing with my brother before he died,

My father and mother kissed me before they were murdered beside me,

I had a brother like you, but he was killed last night,

Such is the case with all the girls after the oasis converted into a graveyard,

I walked ahead and met a crying mother,

We were sleeping last night, she said frantically,

I had a son like you; he was killed by people just like me and you,

I had a daughter like your daughter,

Her body is lying naked in the corner,

They were people just like humans, but had the devil on their mind,

They rushed into my house, and killed all the humans inside,

I had a family just like yours, everything finished last night.

Such is the case with all the mothers after the oasis converted into a graveyard,

I climbed up a mountain and met an angry old man,

It was a lively place just last night he said, in an angry voice,

What did they achieve, killing my child?

Answer my questions! What are they fighting for?

I’m waiting for my son but I know he will not come,

Because I know someone else’s sons have killed my son,

I had a son just like you. He was chopped into pieces last night,

Such is the case with all fathers after the oasis converted into a graveyard,

Suddenly my eyes opened and I thought what a horrible dream that was,

I looked around the world and came to know what was going on

I saw innocent eyes full of tears in memory of their loved ones,

I found two enemies engaged in a war

I asked why they were fighting but all I got was,


I stared down at tearful eyes and asked what I could do to help, all I got was,

Stop the war, stop the war, stop the war.

All I ask is to stop the war,

Stop the war before the world turns into a graveyard,

Stop the war before there aren’t any more tears left to be shed.

No fathers, mothers or sisters.

Talal Khan Qaimkhani The author belongs to a small village city in Mirpurkhas called Digri. He is a student of Management and International Business and studied at Webster University for 2 years and is now heading to the University of Sunderland. He is interested in writing about atrocities of war, culture of Pakistan, different political issues and problems which the country is facing, drones, killings in Karachi, abduction in Balochistan.
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Mohammad ali Gaad | 11 years ago | Reply indeed this all credit goes to our puppet politicians and also government, they merely want to full fill their own demands and they have nothing to do with we peoples wether one is going to be end or not.
BlackJack | 11 years ago | Reply @muhammad ali qaimkhani: My friend, refer neutral sources to understand the 1965 war - or even some books written by your own scholars (even former generals as I understand). Pakistan invaded India through the LoC, India retaliated by cross the international border. You guys may have thought that Indians would restrict the fight to Kashmir, but were sadly mistaken, and escaped a humiliating defeat (I believe you had a couple of days left of ammunition before you would need to use household equipment for defense) by requesting your erstwhile friends to step in and stop the war.Second, this has become a nauseatingly common refrain from Pakistan to refer to poor people on both sides of the border. You aren't really bothered about our poor, but want us to stop building our defense capabilities so that you can change your outlook. Well, that is not going to happen. Pls continue to spend the billions that you don't have on weapons that you don't need - we have no problems.
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