Fashion will save Pakistan from terrorism n' stuff

In Pakistan, fashion is now a fight against the forces that aim to destroy the country - seriously.

Nadya V April 26, 2012
Fashion is not just what you wear. Sometimes, it's a statement; sometimes, it's a call to action. But in Pakistan, fashion is resilience - an 'in your face' to the forces that aim to destroy the country.

Pakistani fashion is fast evolving into the counter-narrative that will put this nation on the fast-track to progress.

Don't believe me?

Below is a selection of just a few of the ground breaking, era-defining, nation-building and instantly wearable designs that are fast eroding the cultural malaise we are experiencing.


Design sense: Po-mo (post modern vs postmodernism)  trash bag chique

Inspiration: Neon signs, California beaches, trash bags.

The ideal dress for the upcoming summer, given the rise in, load-shedding, this is a must wear for those who want to say:
My zip doesn’t work, but who cares! It's summer time!

Design sense: Tribal badlands meet Egyptian slave love

Inspiration: Sindhi Ajraks, nudity, pyjama parties.

In this day and age, who doesn’t need a slave accessory?

Get a slave, draped in your choice of traditional, rural designs – guilt-free fun steeped in ancient culture is a must for the modern woman, and an excellent conversation starter at kitty parties.

Design sense: Reckless Sponge-bob classic vamp

Inspiration: Death, vampires, Alice in Wonderland, mutilated SpongeBob.

Its cross-cultural, laden with pop sensibilities ‘and’ refers to at least two lovable fictional characters.

Nothing says “I’m wounded inside, approach me if you dare” quite like this formal ensemble.

Design sense: None

Inspiration:  Saudi Arabia, dungeons, bondage and bags.

This casual look is perfect for daily shopping trips out into the big bad world of Zamzama’s streets. Also works as an excellent cover for ugly noses.

Design sense: Funeral chique meets hell’s angels

Inspiration: Paper-bag-over-head, black, death, sex, post-mortem ecstasy.

Funeral-wear this season has been completely revamped to combine a classic look with the aesthetic charm of riding your Harley Davidson into the sunset. Perfect for the woman who dares to say,
 Why can’t death be a fashion statement?

Design sense:  CPLC inspired boho Sufi

Inspiration: Motorbikes, paranoia, struggling artist, safety first, mental institutions.

Are you part Sufi, part hipster and ‘really’ concerned with safety on the road?

This trendy get-up is just what the psychia… doctor ordered; ideal for long drives, drive-bys and garden parties featuring performances by Club Caramel.

Design sense: ‘Papa kehtain hain’ denial and deliverance

Inspiration: Lyari gang wars, mechanics, suhaag-raat (wedding night) emasculation, Nomi Ansari, terrorism.

There is far too much testosterone driven madness in Pakistan – and this is fashion’s bold step to counter this dangerous trend.

Ladies, get your men into this ensemble to save Pakistan from destabilisation, terrorism and to aid in the Pak-India peace process.

This is key.


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Adnan Wasim | 11 years ago | Reply why are you promoting nudism in Pakistan?
Kashif Malim | 11 years ago | Reply So the gist of this article, as per my meager understanding, is that exhibitionism and nudism will save the country/nation?
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