Flood crisis: Indian aid equals evil aid?

Are we really arguing over whether India giving us $5 million in aid was enough aid? Or that we should give it back because they are 'the enemy'?

Nadya V August 15, 2010
Seriously guys, are we really arguing over whether India giving us $5 million in aid was enough aid? Or that we should give it back because they are 'the enemy'? I have been following this growing debate on some stories circulating on The Express Tribune website and it is making me sick (I apologise in advance to all my haters if I write in too straightforward a manner, but that is what the freedom of blogging entails for me).

I know hating is not allowed on this site, but really can I hate just a little on our Pakistani folk who are commenting against accepting aid from a neighbouring country? This same country which these same Pakistani folk would be booing and hissing for ignoring the floods crisis in our country if they hadn’t responded at all? Shame on you!

I’m lucky enough to have a bed to sleep in tonight and a soft blanket and air-conditioning. And so are many of you. And then I think of the photographs I have seen in the papers showing the desperation out there as the flood aftermath sets in and I am appalled that individuals commenting online would have the gall to deny flood affectees a warm blanket, provided courtesy India.

No, I am not a RAW agent, thank you very much. But yes, I am in favour of strong, friendly mutually beneficial relations with India and I would like to say a big thank you to them for their donation, at a time when even Rs 10 donations via cell phone are making the difference needed.

And please, excuse our angy mob which shows up to destroy all progressive, positive steps (even online it seems). There is nothing that can be said of someone who is willing to say $5 million is not enough – and I am too angry to even begin to talk about those who had the sheer audacity to say we should send the money back. In times of disaster? Really? I understand the issue of receiving US funding for every little doo-hickey has major ramifications, but you simply cannot compare that to accepting aid during a crisis. Stop it now.

PS: There is a group of Indian haters out there too, who keep saying the aid should not be given to us because we plant terrorists in their country. I was going to skip this angle completely but given that people always complain about me skipping parts of the story, let me just say that I lump such accusers under the same category as the above Pakistanis who wish to see neither country progress in a mutually beneficial way. Grow up.
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Salman | 12 years ago | Reply For some reason the writer's repeated suggestion that somehow because we are in a "crisis", we should welcome India's aid, is more suggestive of hypocrisy. As if we should accept aid WHILE holding them as our enemies. It has currently been a very hypocritical attitude of our government too, in accepting the aid acting as if they appreciate it, but shamelessly ASKING the army if they would approve of it. Only our uniformed human-shaheeds were lucky they got Nishan-e-haiders.. we have been brutally sacrificing our education, health and well-being without acknowledging these sacrifices of the common people for the holy cause of Kashmir. Its time we either bestow Nishan-e-haider to education, health and well-being of our nation, and fight the "enemy" once and for all.. or get to our senses..
raw-007 | 12 years ago | Reply India and Pakistan are enemies - everyone knows that. but right now children are suffering hunger and illness. lets put politics, religion, and history aside and let the children survive. they might grow up to be better human beings. Or they might grow up to be terrorists. But right now they are children and they should not be suffering. India's help of $5M should be accepted, and India should send medicines and other supplies also. Remember Bachcha Khan and Gandhi were friends despite their differences. And what Gandhi said "God has no Religion". Also leave Kashmir out of this. Lets suppose for a moment that Kashmir rightfully belongs to Pakistan. The main question is: Given Pakistan's total mismanagement of its entire country, does Pakistan deserve Kashmir? Its just Paki Army's pipe dream to get even with India for Bangladesh. Other than that Pakistan does not give a damn about Kashmir or its people. So lets not kid ourselves.
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