10 things I hate about losing weight

The constant questions, the nagging aunties, the dark circles; losing weight does not come without a cost!

Erum Fatima April 06, 2012
Yes, you read that right. Even though losing weight and being stick thin has been my childhood dream, there are many things that bother me whenever I decide to shed a few extra pounds. Here's a list:

  • The constant questions: What have you done? Tell me the trick. Is it dieting, or exercising, or both? Have you used some kind of a “totka” (home remedy)? There's no way you can lose weight so quickly otherwise.

  • The nagging aunties:

Beta itna bhi dubla honay ki zarurat nahi

(There is no need to become so thin)

"You will get weak. It’s not good in the long run...blah blah blah"

Really aunties? Why couldn’t you have said that before I lost 'so' much weight and everybody used to call me names like moti and bubli?

  • The dark circles and the pale skin: despite all the charm of being thin, I hate the dark circles and the pale look that is the unavoidable by-product of rapid weight loss.

  • The sarcasm: okay, I wanted to be thin. I lost weight. Big deal! That doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to occasionally binge on Oreos or Pringles. I don’t deserve a nasty, sarcastic look from you every time I come close to junk food.

  • Speculation: Why can’t the only reason of my weight loss be myself? Why can’t everybody stop speculating about the 'real' reason behind my weight loss? No, it’s not for the want of a suitable rishta or a boyfriend who likes skinny girls, no thank you.

  • Clothes that no longer fit: Although fitted shirts are no longer in fashion, loose tents that once fit when you were 20 pounds heavier aren't flattering either. I hate it when so much money goes down the drain when you end up losing weight, and your former wardrobe becomes obsolete.

  •  Losing weight from the wrong places: Yes, I love that I have lost those extra pounds, but I hate it when its usually from the wrong places. Why can’t I lose those undesirable inches that are stuck to my arms so faithfully?

  • I hate when people think that I am a fitness freak trying to 'show off' when I refuse that extra serving of pasta at lunch. I hate it even more when people think I am showing off in front of those who are still trying to lose weight. No, I am not. It’s just that I dread gaining it back so quickly.

  • And last but not the least, I hate gaining it back! You lose one pound after two weeks of painstaking hard work, but you gain it all back if you let go for just a day.

Erum Fatima The author is a banker turned into a freelancer, who is trying to juggle motherhood with work, and squeezing some random writing in between. She tweets as @erum_fatimaa (https://twitter.com/erum_fatimaa)
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fat-turned-slim | 12 years ago | Reply Hahahha..entertaining..
Saira | 12 years ago | Reply Ahhh.. for the first time i have read a new perspective about weight loss.. otherwise, all the articles talk about the better side of it! refreshing!
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