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63 years ago we became a country. but what we never became, and still are not, is a nation. Miraculously, not all hope is lost. Let's work towards building what was lost.

Faseeh Mangi August 14, 2010

Sixty-three years ago today, we became independent. Sixty-three years ago today, we became a country. But what we never became, and still are not, is a nation. We think of ourselves as Sindhis, Balochis, Punjabis, Seraikis, Pakhtuns and Mohajirs. We are yet to become Pakistanis.

What we were meant to be we are not. And what we are, we are not even sure of. But what one thing I am certain of is that had the Quaid been alive today, he would have died of horror at who we, as a country, have become.

Ours is a picturesque and resourceful country with even more beautiful people. Pakistan has so much to offer but instead of methodically utilising these resources, we tend to fight over them, leading to permanent loss.

The same is witnessed in everyday life. Instead of promoting unity and brotherhood, we try our best to hurt our fellow countrymen in any way possible.

But, miraculously, not all hope is lost. Facing the worst floods in the history of the country, we have seen people come out from all over the country and work to support the survivors. The help has also come from the Pakistani diaspora from around the world. If we can show unity and responsibility here, we can show it in all other areas as well.

On this Independence Day, we should seriously think about what we have lost as a nation and work towards building it back. We are a thoughtful and compassionate people. It is time we became a compassionate and thoughtful country. Sure we are going to celebrate the day by putting up flags and wearing green but there is so much more to being independent. Let’s use the gift of independent thought and make our country a peaceful and better place to live in.

Pakistan Zindabad!

Published in The Express Tribune, August 14th, 2010.

Faseeh Mangi A senior sub-editor on the business desk of The Express Tribune who is currently finishing a masters degree in Business Administration.
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Basit Yousuf | 13 years ago | Reply May Allah guide us to the right path and open our eyes to understand the difference between enemy and friend. As a nation we even don't have the same voice. I just read that a protest contained 8 million participants. I don't know why we keep our eyes close on every problem we are facing. Even we are bothering Inflation, Loadshedding, Corruption, Killings and Robberies silently. Above all we are also silent on the act of those double standard people who are using the name of Islam for their act of cruelty and also those who are much known and prominent and doesn't speak about it. We must have to think PAKISTAN after ISLAM. It is the only way we can prove our identity and the correct identity to the world. May Allah bless Pakistan.
F. Alam | 13 years ago | Reply That's pathetic. After Turkey, Pakistanis are the most nationalist nation. If our media gives us an ounce of good news, we celebrate it like a tonne. Look at the streets of London, Paris and Brooklyn New York, how much we miss our beloved country. We just need positive news which will encourage us to do more positive things. If we keep celebrating such phrases like 'No Nation' etc, we will get what we keep repeating!
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