Maybe you should resign Mr Vice Chancellor

Karachi University is a safe haven for political groups. Can the administration please take some responsibility?

Noreen Shams March 15, 2012
It was the last thing we were expecting; after last year's deadly blast in which ten students were injured the we hoped their thirst for violence would be satiated. But the beatings, clashes and stoning  just wasn't enough -they were still not satisfied. 

Being a student at the University of Karachi, we, the students, are used to certain disruptions, but that day in December when while we got ready to leave our respective houses for a scheduled exam, the news even came to us as a shock. The news of a blast at Karachi University crashed down on us with a burst of mixed emotions; fear, anger, disgust, shame, sadness. Concerned friends and parents took to the view that the students of the University were not even safe at their own almamater.

Since I have joined Karachi University, I have never witnessed any semester exams on time. Every time the law and order situation deteriorated, whether in the city or the university itself, ultimately the papers were postponed.

The lax attitude by the authorities was just another added frustration. We had become used witnessing follow ups with the Vice Chancellor of the University that were to no avail. Due to the Chancellor being out of the city for the most part, in the event of clashes between student political groups the most convenient solution was applied to prevent any other eventualities; close the University and/or postpone the scheduled exams.

As a result, I feel like I am moving backward instead of forwards.

The lack of security or poor governance, but what really matters is the fact that the eventual loss is suffered by the students. Unfortunately, not only students but even teachers are manhandled by these student-led political groups. The authorities wait to break the ice afterwards by imposing certain obligations, rules and duties pertaining to the event but eventually change their minds because they have not considered the situation thoroughly enough and this leads to them reverting their statements.

If the vice chancellor cannot handle these situations when called upon to do so, he should hand over his resignation so that someone else, who is competent enough to handle situations like these and can guarantee a certain level of security for students - at least until things reach par with a sense of normalcy again.

Karachi University has become a safe haven for student led political groups where there are no rules. They are the real culprits and care takers of varsity affairs.

I feel very sorry for my university, where we came dreaming dreams of success, but were met with cruel violence.

I would like to sincerely appeal to the Chancellor to save our future , please save our education.
Noreen Shams The author is a former student of Mass Communications at the University of Karachi.
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yasini karim khan | 12 years ago | Reply I strongly agreed with the writer of this article. She has pictured the facts and excruciating situation. Being an undergraduate I don’t think-this fatal instance, need to be imposed on the vice chancellor of the university. Sindh government should manage a discipline committee as a part of (KU); this committee must be given a free hand to pact the guys who play politics inside the campus. I know situation really needs to be control because, (KU) being one of the prominent universities in Asia going to decline the solid reason is only the politics and clashes inside the campus. not only the VC but the whole Pakistani youth need to contemplate on this havoc.
Batool | 12 years ago | Reply Situation is still the same even after changing of Vice of Chancellor and I got to know that the new VC took some steps towards this issue but unfortunately he got a letter to step back if he wants to be on the same position now GOD knows if it's a hearsay or what. Lots of prayers for our KU.
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